Obama Can Win the Working Class ... all of them


"Broadening the tax code" is what Republicans say they want to do.   That will solve our problems.   That means raising taxes on the poor and working class.  It is that simple   For once Republicans are ADMITTING they want to raise taxes.   


Analyzing Swing States: Pennsylvania, Part 4

This is the fourth part of an analysis of the swing state Pennsylvania. It focuses on the industrial southwest, a once deep-blue region rapidly trending Republican. Part five can be found here.

Pittsburgh and the Southwest

Pennsylvania’s southwest has much in common with West Virginia and Southeast Ohio, the northern end of Appalachia. Electoral change in the region is best understood by grouping these three areas together as a whole.

Socially conservative (the region is famously supportive of the NRA) but economically liberal, the industrial southwest voters typify white working-class Democrats. These voters can be found in unexpected places: Catholics in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, loggers along the Washington coast, rust-belt workers in Duluth, Minnesota and Buffalo, New York.

It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal that brought the working-class to the Democratic Party.

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[UPDATED]The New Witch Among Us!!

The update is at the end.

There is only one explanation for the  high level of vitriol and hate assailing Sarah Palin about her kids, her legs, her body, her brain, and her speech. She's a woman. But more than that, she is a Working Class Woman. Mark Sanford gets ridiculed for his behavior, Dan Quayle for his smarts, Richard Nixon for his ethics, Clinton for his zipper, but no man in the history of American politics has taken the  beating on so many fronts that Sarah Palin has.

And no public figure that I can recall has been so maligned, misrepresented and just plain lied about.

Excerpted from the infamous Katie Couric interview on CBS early in the campaign this Youtube video's headline screams:

Sarah Palin Explains Why Women Should Be Forced to Bear Their Rapists Babies
No, that's not true, but you have to watch the whole video to see that:

So why has Palin  been pilloried and figurateively, if not literally  burned at the stake, like the  witches of yesteryear?

Do you think it could be because she is only the second woman in American history to be nominated for Vice President?

Do you think it could be because she has dared to say we have a runaway political-media machine who are in cahoots and selling you a load of moosedung?

Do you think it could be because she refused to abort a special needs child?

Do you think it could be  because she was a beauty queen?

Do you think it could be because she had the nation laughing with her in the debate with Joe Biden and actually on their feet at her speech to the 2008  Republican Convention?

Do you think it is because she talks like my Mom and Dad talked and like millions of other working class people who don't have health insurance, don't get paid vacations, don't own homes and don't know any better than to like their lives?

Do you think it is because her daughter Had to get married?

This list could go on, but you get the drift. And for the record I want to say that there is not a snowball's chance in hell that I would ever vote for Sarah Palin. Our positions on the issues are different. I support wolves and whales and I believe as profoundly as I believe in anything that a woman has the right to chose and control her own body.

But I am a woman and I say ENOUGH!! This misogynistic orgy must be seen for what it is. Just because you do not like her positions, doesn't give you the right to denigrate her as a female person. If you do not understand how putting a woman down for being dumb, a sleazy stewardess, a bimbo, a breeding machine, a religious kook, a slut, white trash, a scheming bitch, a controlling Mom, uneducated, unethical and  quaint, to recall only a few of the  words written or uttered about her--then you don't get woman hatred.  

You don't like her, fine. You don't agree with her on the issues. Fine!  But we not only hate Palin and all her parts, we lie about her positions. And then we refuse to correct the lies. For the record Sarah Palin has never insisted on abstinence-only sex education,  did not slash funds for special-needs children  and she never  demanded creationism be taught in public schools.

The fact is the media has lied with impunity about her. And today's so-called feminists are a joke.  There are no feminists writing in the media today. There are women who call themselves feminists in order to ridicule other women like Sarah and Hillary and encourage you to  vote for those they trust: "qualified" men.

I feel angry about this latest orgy of misogyny in the media. It is demeaning to women. What if Palin did actually resign as she told us  in part  to stop the state being hijacked by eithics complaints against her. More than a dozen at last count have been lodged, all brought by political adversaries, and most of them patently frivolous.

No matter how frivolous, it has cost Palin more than half a million to defend herself. Alaska has a new political strategy--you ethically complain your opponent to death. And no one in the media seems to get the price in human life that these complaints are costing. Neither has anyone bothered to say that it does seem as if the complaint process in Alaska--where anyone can file an ethical complaint--- has run amuck, has become a travesty and a means of waging a political vendetta.

And very  few pundits remind us  that every one of these complaints appeared only after she rose to political prominence.

Who knows what Palin's plans are? She did not resign in a manner that suggests she is actually contemplating more politics and more of the same. Palin wants her life back. That's the way working class people are.  Hard as it may be for middle class people to understand.

Update [2009-7-7 20:1:39 by linfar]: IMO Palin Is running for President in 2012. And like Richard Nixon before her when he told the press you won't have Tricky Dick to kick around anymore, she is following his playbook. I don't feel tooooooo had--but I ain't going home with the woman who brung me to this post. All that said--woman and class stuff still holds. :)

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The Professional Class

As a degree carrying member of the professional class, I've had an easy life.  But I'm the first and only one in my family so far to earn a doctorate.  One grandfather was a bus driver and the other went into real estate.  My dad had a college degree, but my mom didn't. I grew up in a middle class family that profited from the post-war boom.  My parents bought their first house when I was a baby, and they stayed home owners, and had one to leave to me at their deaths.  My uncle, who was a fireman, owned his own home and through appreciation he died better off than my dad, who was an engineer.  

I find that conflating class with income is a strange concept.  Although I'm in the educated and often more affluent professional class, I identify with my extended family and friends, most of whom struggle to pay monthly bills and have few dreams of retirement at all, much less the retirement my parents and my fireman uncle enjoyed.

But if it's not income, what makes a someone an 'elite?' How is it that Hillary, my first choice for president, relates to working people better than her opponent, who's wife grew up in a struggling family?  

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We Don't Need Yer Steenkin' Votes

A disturbing trend has emerged within the Obama campaign and among his supporters.  Apparently, many believe that Obama doesn't need working class votes in the general election.  Not only will he not need them, but there is almost a palpable pride in refusing them.  How, you can say what you will about the hypocrisy of the Republican Party - and there's ample hypocrisy to talk about - but Karl Rove & Co. always were ready to take any and all votes.  That's how you win elections.

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