Action Alert: Misinformation at PickensPlan Forum

There is a lot of misinformation being spread about Obama and his energy plans over at PickensPlan. The setup is to advanced T Boone Picken's project to A: build a humongous windmill farm in Texas and B: convert trucks to run on natural gas. The rationale is that oil man Boone sees we can not continue to import gas. We must move to renewables, with natural gas vehicles as the bridge to the future, until the renewables are up and running.

Whatever you might think of Pickens, and I am not a fan, the plan does make sense. And he is going ahead with his own money to build the windfarm. There are upwards of 60,000 people using the forums at:

And there are some hard rightwing people pushing very heavily against Obama. There needs to be a response from knowlegable Obama supporters. Posting diaries there promoting Obama's energy plan would be really helpfull. Most people who post there seem fairly apolitical and low information. But there are a lot of them.

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From Coal to Wind Power: creating a sustainable Appalachian economy

(Cross-posted at the Appalachian Voices blog)

This post is intended to continue to bring to light the problems with current energy production and consumption, and show what one little corner of the world here in western North Carolina is doing to pitch in on a GLOBAL problem of fossil fuel production and consumption.  Tip of the hat the many folks whose continuing work for a sustainable energy future is ever-educational and inspiring.

As America awakes to the effects that our energy production and consumption is having on the globe, people are shocked to find out that we do things like blow up 100s of 1000s of acres in our own mountains for a just little bit of coal. One of the most agreed upon tenets among those of us working for sustainable energy policy is that "there is no silver bullet" as far as alternative energy. Another words, it isn't feasible to run everything in the United States off just solar, just wind, or just hydro power. I adhere to this belief. America will need to localize our energy solutions in order to create the sustainable, clean, stable, domestic energy policy that everyone wants and needs.

In Appalachia, we begin by trading nightmarish mountaintop removal coal-mining, for an afternoon breeze...

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What's Amarillo Got that Lubbock Ain't Got?

Looking over at the farm links at Blue 19th, I found this article on wind power.  Republican State Representative David Swinford is pushing for expansion of wind power in the western Panhandle.  The problem holding things up is the lack of a connection between the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the grid that serves the panhandle, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which serves the rest of Texas.  This brings up a couple of issues where there is a distinctive lack of leadership in District 19.

First - where is the voice calling for greater use of wind power in this District?  Is Amarillo windier than Lubbock?  Actually, as I write this, the average wind-speed around the Lubbock area is actually higher than in Amarillo - 12 mph vs. 10 mph.  That's a significant difference because most wind-power experts see 12 mph as the "cut-off" line where wind-power actually starts to get a mathematical edge for generation of electricity.  A 2.6 mph increase in windspeed actually doubles the output of a wind-powered generator.

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