Every time you think they CAN'T GET LOWER..........

Along comes something like,

An IDIOTIC ATTACK on Right-to-Choose.

"Abortion survivor"(?) Gianna Jessen attack ads against Obama.

The MAJOR DONOR to BornAliveTruth '527' is Raymond Ruddy, who sits on the board of the Reston, Virginia-based Maximus, A GIANT GOVERNMENT SERVICES PROVIDER HEAVILY INVOLVED IN WELFARE PRIVATIZATION.

SURE, THEY want more little WELFARE-ETTES... for PROFIT!


Publicity for this BornAliveTruth SPEW is handled by CRC Public Relations. CRC's client list includes conservative advocacy groups, think tanks, links to the Republican Party, conservative philanthropy funded organizations, and media outfits such as Americans for Fair Taxation, Americans for Hope, Growth & Opportunity, the Discovery Institute, the Federalist Society, the Manhattan Institute, the Media Research Center, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Parents Television Council, Regnery Publishing, and Walden Media. CRC was also a major player in "Swiftboating" and in the conservative book company Regnery, which published Corsi's book, "Unfit for Command."

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Should we sterilize Wall Street executives?

Wall Street executives lining up early for their bailout money so they can rush to payoff last week's paycheck advance.

I was watching the news of the impending bailout on MSNBC, just now, when I got fed up and turned to CNN, just in time to see this guy, Louisiana State Rep. LaBruzzo, explaining and defending his idea of sterilizing Lousiana welfare recipients. totheminute.cfm?recid=20404

Metairie lawmaker considers bill to fund sterilizations
by Richard A. Webster Staff Writer

NEW ORLEANS - State Rep. John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, fears Louisiana may be headed toward an economic crisis if the percentage of people dependent on the government is not decreased.

His solution: pay impoverished women $1,000 to have their tubes tied so they will stop having babies they can't afford.

The idea came to LaBruzzo after hurricanes Katrina and Gustav when the state was forced to evacuate, shelter and care for tens of thousands of people.

"I realized that all these people were in Louisiana's care and what a massive financial responsibility that is to the state," LaBruzzo said. "I said, 'I wonder if it might be a good idea to pay some of these people to get sterilized.'"

LaBruzzo said he is researching the issue, and if he finds that the number of people on welfare has increased on a dramatic and continuous basis over the past several decades, he may introduce a bill during the next legislative session promoting voluntary sterilization in exchange for monetary compensation.

"If both the welfare and Social Security system keep growing, one day we're going to have a small minority of people working to fund and finance everybody else who isn't working or producing," LaBruzzo said. "Our kids, who will be working, will be the minority and any vote of theirs will be canceled out. If your livelihood is based on government handouts, why would you ever vote for somebody who is going to lower taxes? They never would. So once we reach that breaking point there's no return."

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Danieal Kelly didn't have to die

Right now, as I'm typing this, my hands are trembling with anger and sorrow.  A while ago I read a story on the news about young Danieal (pronounced "Danielle") Kelly, a 14 year-old disabled girl, who died from neglect.  For a couple of hours, that story kept staying in my mind.  What with Iraq, the elections, everything, yet this one story stood in my mind.  One word, one single word kept coming back...murder

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Children are better off in blue states

The Every Child Matters Education Fund has released a report called "Geography Matters: Child Well-Being in the States." It assesses the vulnerability of children in all 50 states according to a dozen metrics.

As the mother of two small children in the Des Moines area, I had a particular interest in Iowa's ranking (seventh overall, mixed bag on the individual metrics).

But when I clicked on the page ranking all states in terms of "overall child vulnerability," one thing jumped out at me: the bottom 20 states all voted for George W. Bush in 2004. Of the top 20 states, only three voted for Bush (including Iowa, which he won by a very slim margin).

Follow me after the jump to learn the specific reasons that blue states are better places for children to be born and grow up.

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Stealing food from the poor

In the late 1990s, the government decided to reform welfare. In many states, part of this reform involved outsourcing the administration of government services to private, for-profit companies. New York Times reporter Jason DeParle looked at the result of this privatization in his 2004 book, American Dreams, and noted one company in particular that personified the mismanagement and waste that occurred because of government outsourcing - Maximus.

DeParle's research into Maximus's government contracting found widespread waste and mismanagement of taxpayer money. In 2004, he wrote for Washington Monthly,

[Maximus] spent $100,000 of program money on backpacks, coffee mugs, and other promotional fluff. It spent tens of thousands on employee entertainment. It spent $3,000 to take clients roller-skating and $2,600 for professional clowns. Though Maximus later agreed to repay $500,000 to the state and donate another $500,000 to community groups, the true extent of the waste will never be known because the records were in such disarray.

Jason DeParle was not alone in discovering shoddy - and even corrupt - billing practices by the company.

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