I Have High Hopes for the Republicans

The Republican Party no longer has a set of ideas that resonate with the American people.  They've cast about trying to find one but they just don't have a coherent platform that will win elections.  Perhaps they'll blunder into it, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for that (were I a Republican, which I'm not).  While I wouldn't go so far as to call them all intellectually bankrupt (though they're close these days), they do show a willingness to eat their young.

This country benefits when both parties hit their stride and have real and meaningful policy goals meant to improve our liberties, standards of living, and security.  I'm not happy to see the Republicans implode.  Oh, sure, as a Dem I'm thrilled by the prospect of us being in control.  I want that very badly, and at this point in history our country needs it.

The problem is that if the pendulum doesn't swing both ways we all suffer.  It is when a party is out of power that it often finds itself, and its soul.  The Republicans have about run out of useful ideas.  Perhaps their self-imposed exile will help them.  They're about to be cast out into the wilderness for a time.  I hope they learn something from it.

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Obama is Weak

Obama today. His actions is gettting beyond me. Where is the fire and strength inside him to attack???

Day in day out he is willing to tell the world of the 'honoruble national service' of Mccain. While McCain never pays him back the compluiments. What is he doing??
On the day he won the primary battle. June 3rd. McCain showed himself little when he refused to honour Obama. Yet Obama bows down and down to 'honour' him. SICK.

Gen Clark delivers a laser guided missile on McCain and he stand one day later to 'reject him'.

He has dismantled Democratic 527's earlier this month.

What is he doing?? Does he think he can play nice with the Republicans??

He is weak?

I'm furious.

If he doesn't show fire. I refuse to help him, anymore.

I'm sick of weak democrats.


Only reference to McCain is to honor him, says he "endured physical torment in service to our country."

Implictly rebukes Wesley Clark's comment about McCain, saying "no one should devalue" the service of America's veterans- "that goes for supporters on both sides."

Obama statement says "of course he rejects" Clark's comment disparaging McCain's military service.

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`Expands west' vs. `Traditional map weakness necessitates looking elsewhere'

How long after Obama is the presumptive nominee (i.e. after June 4th) will it take for the media to change its tune from 'Obama expands the electoral map to the west' to 'Obama's weakness in traditional and swing states necessitates capturing several hard to attain western states'?

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Here is what is wrong about Obama

I am not thrashing him this time, at least I don't think I do.

Here is what is wrong about Obama:

1) He didn't think he would go that far, like any politician he decided to run to get national name recognition and the career boost that goes with it. Since he didn't think he would be the nominee, he didn't anticipate the kind of scrutiny that he is receiving now. Rev Wright, elitism, being buddy with former unrepentant anarchist terrorists, are general election liabilities, liabilities that take time, hard work and worst of all compromises to address, just ask Hillary. He doesn't have a quick answer to those charges because there are no quick answers.

2) He has allowed the media to define him and effectively lost control of his image. Obama did not invent the "change" concept, the media did. Obama started a fairly standard democratic campaign (hardly surprising, he is a standard democrat), what happened is that the media crowned him king of transcendental change and of new politics, thus raising expectation of him to a point where no human being can live up to. His biggest mistake was to accept that crown and embrace this definition of him. I saw it happens, shortly after the media came up with the change stuff, Obama started using it, I remember seeing one of his rallies where you would hear obama shouting "let's change the world!". It  may work great with college kinds but for lower income people suffering from a weak economy, this a zero appeal.

3) And finally, finally, the guy has no control of what comes out of his mouth, that's why he is bad in debates, that's why he avoids unscripted interviews as much as he can. Again, being in control of ones own words is a skill that takes time to acquire.

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HALPERIN'S TAKE: Ways McCain Can Beat Obama That Clinton Cannot

http://thepage.time.com/halperin%E2%80%9 9s-take-ways-mccain-can-beat-obama-that- clinton-cannot/

That's exactly what I have been saying for a long while. Obama has certain weakness that cannot be challenged in the primary and would be thoroughly exposed. Read it for yourself!!!

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