Federal law and the U.S. Constitution to trump Ohio Election Law

After seeing the following diary on Dkos, 600,000 Ohio voters subject to GOP caging. . . I had to pass along another diary from EENR that seems to be just the opposite.

The following is from Karita Hummer at EENR.

Federal law and the U.S. Constitution to trump Ohio Election Law.

Lo and Behold!  Voting Progress from Columbus! Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner gives us good voting rights news for a change.

In a Press Release issued from the office of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, it was announced that she was sending clarification to local Election Boards that " that 60 day notices sent by boards of election to voters that are returned as undeliverable cannot be used as the sole reason for canceling an Ohioan's voter registration."
http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/PressRele ases/2008%20Press%20Releases/20080905.as px

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Voter Suppression in W. Virginia? [Updated]

While it's understandable that Barack Obama would like to minimize Hillary Clinton's popular vote gain in upcoming primaries, I would assume that he'd do so by advertising and campaigning in the states to turn out his own vote.  And not like this...I truly hope that his campaign has not stooped this low.

I just received this via an e-mail list, and I would like to know from Senator Obama whether it is true:

Could you pass some info on to the rest of the callers that are calling into WV?

I've been talking with some people already on the ground in WV and the Obama camp is calling voters, NOT to get out the vote, but to ask for money - campaign donations. The gist of the call is that its not important that they vote, because the election is over, and then they ask for money to help put this primary campaign to an end and move on to the general election. Basically, they are telling voters its over. Then they ask for $400 donations...

And here is my open message to Barack Obama...

Senator Obama:

What is going on?  Is your campaign instructing staff and volunteers to urge the citizens of West Virginia to stay home, and not to vote?  I hope not, because that would be a serious obstruction of democracy.  As you know, in a democracy citizens should be encouraged to participate in elections.  You yourself have expressed pride in registering new voters and engaging people in the democratic process.

I implore you to immediately issue a cease-and-desist instruction to your campaign staff and volunteers for this kind of activity.  

Concerned Citizen/Voter


UPDATE: Based on comments, I want to explain, for those who are not involved in phone-banking for either candidate, that the calling lists always include supporters or leaners for both candidates and, crucially, undecided voters. Any Obama volunteer who has made more than a few calls would know this.

Cross posted at TexasDarlin

Not affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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To Hillary from WV

Dear Hillary Clinton:

Since you like to bombard me with e-mail and recorded phone calls, I know you must be interested in me. After all, I'm a lower-middle-class (family income around $50K) white guy living in West Virginia... working a part-time teaching job (I got laid off a couple of years ago as a well-paid computer consultant to the IRS and folks in their sixties aren't readily re-hired in that field).

I live in Shepherdstown, where you visited on Tuesday. I didn't get close enough to see you (parking was a real drag and driving around looking for a spot on $3.71 per gallon gas was a real bummer), but I know you were really there talking to me.

I've been listening to your USA Today interview quote on TV yesterday and today... you know... where you distinguished between hard working white guys who you appealed to and Obama didn't. Frankly, I thought we had gotten beyond thinking about ourselves as black or white this year. I went to an Obama support meeting here in Jefferson County last month and there were members of several racial groups there... and many of us were white (I think we were all hard working, too, but I'm not sure about Asians or Hispanics or the African-Americans who were there... you'll have to let me  know.)

We get to do early voting in the WV Primary and I'm afraid to tell you that I already voted last weekend. And I voted for Obama.  Of course that was before you let me know how hard working white folks were supposed to vote.

So I guess what I want to say is "Sorry". And could you have your folks stop calling me and e-mailing me? I feel bad enough as it is.

- Blue Collar Bill

Under The LobsterScope

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I've changed my mind about...

Up to two days ago I was saying there was no point to proceeding with impeachment against Bush and Cheney they only have 18 months to go why  bother. I see myself as a person of reason, what's the point? What a big difference a couple of days make. In that short time Congress has tried to flex its muscle in trying to find out if the White House or the Republican machinery were involved in any criminal activities i.e. obstruction of justice resulting in the US Attorney Generals firings most notably US Attorney Iglesias.

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Voter Viability Loss (A starter/primer)

With all the news that has come out of AttorneyGate, especially with respect to voting rights ( and attempts to subvert them), and the Texas Redistricting decision by SCOTUS in 2006, I think it is important, now, more than ever to concern ourselves with voter dissatisfaction, which is different from and can be more dangerous than voter intimidation. Half of the battle is voting, the other half is having it count. But if you don't even come to the polls, well you see my point...

So I wanted to try and attack this issue from the voter level. This being my first diary entry and the topic I'm choosing being such a big one, this will be a starter primer. A look into my thinking process as it were. I hope the community here will help me.

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