Voter ID: How to Stop Minorities from Voting

This week, Project Vote's new report, "Caging Democracy: A 50-Year History of Partisan Challenges to Minority Voters" was featured in McClatchy Newspapers and AlterNet reports. Download the report here.

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

Two controversial news items this week potentially impact the course of election law before the 2008 election. First, the Supreme Court has agreed to decide upon the constitutionality of voter ID laws, one of the country's most hotly debated issues with a deeply partisan divide. Second, the names of Federal Election Commission nominees have been sent to the full Senate this week, including a key player in  promoting the so-called "voter fraud epidemic," Hans von Spakovsky - and civil rights groups are not happy.

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Standards, Tests, and Questions: The von Spakovsky Nomination

I've been following with interest the debate between Gerry Hebert, Bob Bauer and Brad Smith on Hans von Spakovsky's nomination to the FEC (courtesy Rick Hasen Election Law blog coverage). Mr. Hebert urges the Senate Rules Committee to reject von Spakovsky's nomination on the well-documented grounds that he has used his position as Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights to advance his partisan agenda at the expense of our nation's voting rights laws. Mr. Bauer responds by suggesting that Hebert has used stark differences of law and policy between him and von Spakovsky to infer, but not prove, personal failings on the part of the nominee that would render him unfit for the position.  Hebert responds to one of Bauer's points--that he hadn't assessed von Spakovsky's performance at the FEC-- by documenting instances where von Spakovsky demonstrated bias and disrespect towards the organizations appearing before him.  Mr. Smith drops Bauer's respectful tone and rebukes Hebert for suggesting that his interpretation of the law is "the law" and von Spakovsky's is "wrong." 

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