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Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned Nationally. Had enough of the Negative Rap Music! There is more. Check out how true leadership happens locally. Newspaper and community stakeholders in Rochester, NY leading by example. Hat tip: Democrat and Leaders in Rochester, N.Y are taking action against negative rap music. They have been waging a campaign against the violence and misogyny in gangsta rap for more than two years now.For the third straight year, the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board is continuing its campaign to rescue hip-hop from its gangsta rap hijackers. James F. Lawrence Editor, Editorial Page, at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. says; "Let's be clear: We're not against hip hop, the uniquely urban America musical genre that has gained worldwide popularity. We deplore the way that entertainment executives have thrust gangsta rap and its vileness on pop culture and impressionable young. More at: 07/06/25/gangsta-rap-and-anti-gangsta-ra p-organizing/

Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned

Had enough of the Negative Rap Music!

The publisher of African American Opinion has decided to take a stand against demeaning and violent music. He says he is taking a stand against gangster and other forms of negative rap music.

Inspired by a recent post by fellow AfroSphere Blogger, Gem at What About Our Daughters and her report on the efforts of faith based leader, Rev. Micheal Pfleger in Chicago, he has decided to reach out to the larger community to say enough is enough.

He plans to place 5 strategic billboards like the ones in Chicago into 5 urban areas of America, including Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Detroit, Baltimore , and Los Angeles.

He plans to place billboards in other cities, including Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans.

His blog has now partnered with to raise funds to place the billboards in those cities. All funds raised will go directly to the advertising effort. He is urging other bloggers to place one of his widgets on there website or blog to assist in the effort.

The African American Opinion blog publisher says, "If all goes as expected we plan to make it a national effort, to have billboards in every urban area throughout America urging our youth to boycott rappers who degrade our young girls and women, excite violence and disgrace our communities."It's time to "Do the WRITE thing." Rev. Micheal Pfleger a respected Chicago faith leader has stepped to the plate, African American bloggers need to follow his lead.

To obtain a widget to place on your blog or website, just go to the widget on African American Opinion blog at: and click copy. Then copy and paste the information onto your sidebar.

You can contact African American Opinion publisher via email at: for more information or visit our ChipIn website at:

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PA09 rollin' with big Mo'

In a true "Tortise and the hare" type story, the Tony Barr Campaign is rolling along.  Somebody posted the following videos on You tube recently.  To the best of My knowledge, these mysteriuos videographers are not directly contected to the campaign but here are links to the videos Ks r4

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