Introducing Hillary Speaks For Me

Hillary Speaks For Me is a new site where supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton can upload videos and leave short posts.  It generates a "giant playlist" that streams you videos.   (Note, Obama supporters have a great site, too: YouBama - The Citizen Generated Campaign.)

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"Si Se Puede Cambiar"

Great new viral video for Obama written & performed by Andres Useche. Directed by Eric Byler. Edited by Warren Fu.

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Axelrod's Creations. His words for Obama, Patrick and Edwards

This is just getting hysterical now.  Totally manufactured candidates.  Prescripted speeches and themes that David Axelrod keeps reusing for candidates that fit his formula.

"He's the one who wrote those ads, framed that shot and came up with the "Yes We Can" tag line. "I don't bring these messages to candidates," Axelrod says when I point out the similarities. "I look for candidates who exemplify and reflect those messages."

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PC vs. MAC...with video

In this Saturday morning, let's have some fun with Hillary and Obama. You know who's PC... rA

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Comparing Obama, Edwards, and Hillary's Caucus Training Videos

Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton have all released caucus training videos for the Iowa Caucuses. Obama has also released a Nevada Caucus training video. Each video has its strengths and weaknesses, and here I'm going to use my subjective rating system and rate each of the three videos in four categories, Creativity, New Media Savvy, Effectiveness and how informative is it. One video, in my opinion, stood out as being the best by far - read below to see which one it was.

More below the fold. All the videos can be watched at the very bottom of the diary.

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