Winning Isn't Everything

The past 21 months have been a roller coaster of emotions-and most of the time I would succumb to their effects and measure my day and life on which one was consuming me at the time.

The highs of Iowa, the Democratic nomination, the convention and the current polls favoring Obama.  The lows including Rev. Wright, the primary wars, the "seemingly" brilliant Palin choice and polls that show our candidate was losing.

Far fewer times I actually thought about how this election has changed me personally-tonight is one of those unique times.

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To the Members of My Generation, A Call to Arms

I am 24.

I have come more and more to believe that the current generations will not actually be capable solving many of the toughest problems facing this Country. And maybe that is more accurate then it seems, and with the Election of Barrack Obama we signal that a new generation is really coming to power to replace the Baby Boomers.
But what we should note from this transfer of power is the magnitude of problems that each generation can pass to the next. I realize now that throughout this long primary and campaign, just how much everyone understood what happens and the process to it.

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Democrats vs Republicans

So I'm not a Democrat.
I'm voting Obama.
I'm on the ticket.
I'm behind him, though not unquestionably behind him, I am behind him.
I try not to be an armchair general, and in general try to get cues from what the Obama campaign is trying to portray both about Obama and about their opponent.

This is important because everything depends on "narrative" and "perception".

Before reading further, I recommend everyone to read Laskoff's piece and Jerome's post (sorry I don't know how to link, so I'm posting the url) /84682

That is probably one of Jerome's finest diaries this entire election season.

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United Democratic Party Money Bomb

From the about section of the ActBlue page I've created:

Despite the self-important screechings of the traditional media, the hurt feelings and ruffled feathers of the primary season are not insurmoutable. Hillary and Bill Clinton have worked to unite the Democratic Party with their rousing convention speeches and gracious support of Obama during the delegate voting process. Now it's time to reward Hillary for being a team player by helping pay off her campaign debt.

And while we're at it, lets give Barack Obama, who was equally gracious in victory, the funds he needs to expand the map, create coattails for down-ballot races, and end the conservative governing that thinks that all social issues are due to gays, Atheists, Hollywood, and working women, that the way to solve all economic ills are tax cuts for the super rich, and that war will solve all of America's international problems.

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When it comes to policy positions, how "united" are Obama and Biden?

The Democratic Party's buzz word for the 2008 convention is "unity." But when it comes to the important policy decisions a President must make, how united are Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

A brief overview of eight domestic and foreign policy positions shows that they are indeed united on those issues that will be on Americans minds when they pull the lever in November.

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