Weekly Immigration Wire: Building Up to Change

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger

As the U.S. moves closer and closer to enacting immigration reform, the situation on the ground is evolving as well. Nothing is static for an issue that touches so many people across so many communities. This week's wire follows up on trends observed last week: holding mainstream media accountable, enforcement tactics, and immigration's positive effect on the economy.

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Weekly Immigration Wire: Obama's Hard Line on Immigration

by Nezua TMC MediaWire Blogger

Last week, President Obama announced his intention to address immigration reform in the next few months in a meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The statement came as a relief to many, especially with recent reports of human rights abuses within the U.S. detention system. But, as most of the President's statements seem crafted to appeal to warring political constituencies, his actual intentions are still elusive.

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"No-Match" No Fair

Last week the Bush administration announced a renewed push to clamp down on undocumented workers.  Specifically, the rule would ask a federal judge to lift an injunction on the "no-match" rule.

The rule protects businesses from failing to respond to so-called "no match" letters sent out by the Social Security Administration stating that the number provided by an employee does not match the information in their database.  This may indicate the worker is undocumented but many are the result of clerical errors including, for example, women not updating last names after marriage.

Judge Charles R. Breyer last year warned that the plan would have "staggering" and "sever" effects on workers and businesses.  It's reasons such as this that have brought together not just traditional groups working for immigrant rights, such as the ACLU, but also the AFL-CIO, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Particularly amidst the recent sharp economic downturn, business leaders are concerned about the Bush administration's plan.  If this effort to lift the injunction against the "no-match" rule is successful, the government would ask up to 140,000 employers to check the social security numbers of 8.7 million workers.  Businesses must resolve discrepancies within 90 days or fire the workers.

Angela Amador, the Chamber's director of immigration policy is concerned about the costs of complying with this rule.  The Chamber's objections"[have] been about the cost of a badly thought out rule and the cost on legitimate businesses following all the rules and complying with it."

Groups such as the ACLU and the National Immigration Law Center are concerned that the plan would lead to racial profiling, discrimination, and the firing of people based on clerical errors.  They argue the Bush administration should work instead towards fixing the flawed database.

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No Amnesty "Keep America for the Americans"

 title=LA Freeway Billboard

No Amnesty "Keep America for the Americans" thats the current rallying cry for the Xenophobic Nativists. This nasty venom being spewed from the Racist Right has been a recurring theme that has reared it's ugly head periodically throughout our nations history.


The restless Nativists that make up the majority of the  GOP base are currently celebrating what they deem to be a great come from behind grass roots victory over big business and the political establishment. They better enjoy themselves while they can because they have no political future.

1950s sign in a Texas restaurant


Yesterday the GOP signed it's own death warrant by rejecting the Immigration Bill. President Bush is a fucking war mongering Neo-Con idiot that should be impeached and also tried as a war criminal as well as stand trial for treason however he isn't a racist when it comes to Hispanics. The religious right make up the majority of the Nativists and as much as I despise the dreaded NEO-CONS they were wise enough to realize that if this bill was rejected that their party was done for. Don't get me wrong I'm glad that the GOP is a dead duck however it sickens me to see such wide open racism still infecting this nation. Knowing the history of the USA when it comes to Xenophobia I should have expected the outcome of the Immigration Bill. Hopefully with a Democrat in the White House we can get a better Immigration Bill passed anyway.

 title=GOP's Future

The above image represents the GOP going over Niagara Falls on a Jet Ski. This is a real picture in fact the daredevil who pulled this reckless stunt died when his parachute failed to open.

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The Real Racism of Illegal Immigration (political cartoon)

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