Troop Withdraw is SLOW -- WHY if Surge Worked?

A story was reported this week with very little fanfare from the media.  President Bush is planning on following recommendations to withdraw around 8000 troops from Iraq by January of 2009.  He would also send a small group of Marines to Afghanistan in November; No, not to add troops but to replace the ones leaving.

Folks, military commanders in Afghanistan are asking for `more' troops, not less, not the same -- more.  President Bush and John McCain are failing their jobs.  Bush and McCain have both promised to provide everything to the generals on the ground that they ask for - they've failed in that mission.

President BUSH said he will give the Generals ANYTHING they want - he's lying once again. John McCain being 100% behind President Bush is therefore ALSO to lying. With his current power over the Party, having a press conference demanding that Bush do something would do wonders - but he won't.

What isn't noticed as much during this news report are the words, "at least one Marine battalion will leave (Iraq) and not be replaced, as well as a few thousand support forces".   Don't you wonder how many `thousands' that number is?  I do.

Two weeks ago General Petraeus wanted to maintain current levels in Iraq - about 146,000, including 15 combat brigades and thousands of support forces through June.

There's no telling exactly how many troops we still have in Iraq because the news reports never match up.  We're never told the truth.  But if it's true that in January of 2007, before the `surge', we had 130,000 total troops there in Iraq, and if it's true that there's been an 80 percent drop in violence - why then do we continue to have, at the very least, 16,000 more troops there than what we had before the `surge'?

My point is, we are told 130,000 but they don't include the support troops and whatever terminology they use to describe the `extras'.

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We Must Leave to SAVE LIVES in IRAQ

To those who say we must STAY in Iraq to SAVE LIVES, I say the complete opposite.  We need to LEAVE Iraq to SAVE MORE LIVES.

Yes we will our soldiers and Marines while pulling out.  We will continue to lose them if we stay as long or longer then President Bush's presidency.  Keep in mind, the President announced just this week that America will have a South Korea/North Korea like involvement in Iraq for years to come.

Yes there will be even more Iraqi deaths during the Civil War that is already happening.  Our own Civil War eventually ended, after thousands died of course.  So will Iraq's war.  Hopefully their nation will be better for it, just as ours has been.  The difference however is, It will be the Iraqi people making their truce, not American's doing it for them.

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President Bush's Message, "Not On My Watch"

That should be the media's headlines over the weekend after hearing the President make his 8th primetime television speech about Iraq to the American people.

While I'm not a supporter of John Edwards, he said it best tonight during his paid for commercial that was aired not long after the President spoke.  "In January, after years of evidence that military actions cannot force a political solution, the president announced a military surge to force a political solution. In May, he vetoed a plan to end the war, demanded more time to show the surge could work, and Congress gave it to him. Now, after General Petraeus reports the surge has produced no progress toward a political solution, what does the president want? More time for the surge to work, when all of us know it won't."

The President informed the nation tonight that he expects to leave a U.S. presence in Iraq way beyond his presidency. He said Iraqi leaders "have asked for an enduring relationship with America." The mission keeps changing, have you noticed?
What happened to, "Missions Accomplished" Mr. President?

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Bush to Announce 30,000 Troop Withdraw - I told you so!

Bush To Announce 30,000 Troop Withdraw - I Told You So!
For those of you that regularly read the my commentsl, you might remember, back in May of this year my letter discussing President Bush, Karl Rove and the GOP's plans for the troop surge of about 30-38,000 troops into Iraq.   We had at that time something like 130-138,000 over there.  

I told you back in then, in so many words, that their plan was to get the troops over there, solve a few problems temporarily, and then they would announce sometime around the spring or summer of 2008, Election Year, that we would be withdrawing several thousands of troops from Iraq, "They are coming home folks".

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Warner and Pace are playing Politics

Senator Warner is asking that President Bush send a STRONG message to Iraq AND the American People. This war is NOT open ended, he says. He wants the President to announce on Sept 15th (note, he didn't say the General) that he plans to immediately (KEYWORD) WITHDRAW 5000 troops from Iraq.

To some this may be a repeat - but after General Pace's news came out - I felt the need to talk about it again.

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