POLL: Katie Couric -- Lapdog or Watchdog?

Check out this new video from MoveOn, and take the poll...

Katie Couric Repeats Bush Talking Points

Strong watchdog journalism is when reporters ask tough questions, dig to the bottom of stories, and report the truth to the public. Lapdog journalism is, well, just see the media coverage in advance of the Iraq war.

If any members of the media are watching this, what do you think of Couric's reporting from Iraq?

I Stumped Hillary at Yearly Kos ... So Can You

The question I asked Hillary Clinton at the Yearly Kos Convention has generated lots of attention.  I was moved by the number of people who approached me and said, "great question!" and now it's starting to change the narrative of Hillary's campaign in the mainstream media - as evidenced by this AP article.

But I'm not asking people to thank me.  I just did what anyone else is capable of doing - holding politicians accountable by asking a very pointed question that drives the message home.  My question was no accident.  It was well-prepared, and I put a lot of thought into it.  You can too if you take the following advice:

There's more...


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