Some Thoughts on Labor Day

Today is our celebration of the Labor Movement and the value of the workers who built and continue to maintain America. As a holiday, it has an interesting political history and looking at the 127 years it has been celebrated we see stark changes that have been made in the relationship between the government and labor.

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All things Bush is evil.. yeah yeah...whatever

Don't pay attention to my title, it was solely to grab ya attention. (No really it was, god's honest truth :) ).

SO I was thinking, as a thought popped into my head and lord knows this election many do, heh. That I still believe in the core decency of the presidency. I mean yeah some have let us down, but I'm not yet ready to give up on that bedrock of American pride, that we are decent deep down in our heart as people and that a President is no floozy position given to floozies-- After all , when all is said and done they are elected

Anyways, with all this talk about presidential power on FISA and Bush saying that in war time he needs to be given latitude, if he deems it worthy of a wiretap. And now we have Obama saying clearly,  " trust me folks" I will be diligent about it and watch for abuses.  Do you see the following scenario any different w/ Obama than say?

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Crazy shit can happen in Washington D.C.

Thinking back in time, old fart that I am, something suddenly dawned on me.
Rick Santorum could be President of the United States.
Fortunately, we here in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will see to that on Tuesday.

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