This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, July 28-August 2, 2008

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obama in cedar rapids, ia


barack's speech in springfield, missouri


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women for obama, luncheon, chicago, il


McCain and His Negativity Vibe Continues

McCain gained relevancy this week by letting his campaign become hijacked by former Bush/Rove operatives.

"The motor behind his operation now is Steve Schmidt, the shaven-headed strategist who earned his bones running Karl Rove's war room in 2004, Frenchifying and de-war-heroizing John Kerry. What Schmidt and his associates have apparently concluded is that McCain's weaknesses -- on the election's most salient issues and as a candidate -- are so pronounced and Obama's vulnerabilities so glaring that the low road is their guy's best, and maybe only, route to the White House. They've concluded, in other words, that even if McCain may not be able to win the election in any affirmative sense, he might still wind up behind the big desk if he and his people can strip the bark off Obama with sufficiently vicious force."

Yep, that sums it up.

McCain gained relevancy this week by running negative television and web ads, mostly mocking and attacking Barack Obama.

But what about John McCain?   What about the maverick?  What does he stand for?  What does he not stand for?

That is the question.  It is up to the Obama Campaign to not get in the mud with McCain, but go after him, hard and heavy with fact.  And if you ask, icebergslim, every opening should be:

If McCain is such a "maverick", why has he voted over 95% with George W. Bush?

In each ad, define EXACTLY how McCain voted with George W. Bush.

As I expressed to my online comrades:

we don't have to go dirty, just be civil and hard hitting with dirty facts, that's all.


Obama in Rolla, Missouri; Meet the Press, August 3, 2008; Obama in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Obama in St. Petersburg, Florida; Obama meeting with Economic Advisors in Washington, D.C.; A Message from Maya; A Conversation: How Race Influences Two Voters; Candidates Take Turns At Urban League Podium; Obama Return, McCain Ads Cap Week In Campaign; The Digital Divide Between McCain And Obama; Obama's Technology Outlook; McCain's Technology Outlook; Week In Review: Race In The Race; Barack Obama: We Can't Afford the Bush-McCain Economy; Obama in Titusville, Florida; John Bush McCain's Worst Nightmare: Barack Obama Fights Back

Campaigns sparover drilling as leadership issue
Gergen:McCain Using Code Words To Attack Obama As "Uppity"
Both US presidential candidates rip Bushon record deficit as economy returns to forefront
Obama links McCainto 'reckless' GOP economics
Obama, Bernankediscuss U.S. economic risks
McCain Goes Negative,Worrying Some in G.O.P.

obama in springfield, missouri

Shoutouts, Stuff You Should Read

One of the saddest parts about Mccain's new sleaze strategy by John Aravosis; How Shitty Was McCain? by Andrew Sullivan; Mel Martinez: Race Card Not Played by Marc Ambinder; Which candidate ran an ad calling himself "the president"? by daveweigel; Gotcha! Gallup Commits "Polling Malpractice" Startling New Info/Controversy on Poll by Excelscior1; Obama in MO: SLAPS McCain on Economy (Finally) by dansac; John McCain: Liar by Todd Beeton; McCain's LIES about his (rather dismal) Civil Rights Record by Muzikal203; Sole Black Reporter Booted from McCain Event by thinkbridge; I just got back from the Obama town hall in St. Petersburg by smash artist; Some thoughts on the race card by zenbowl; Women in the military more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq. by LaKathie; The Great White Hope by billmon; The DNC/Obama $20 million Latino effort by kos; Andrea Mitchell: McCain's Ad Is "Literally Untrue"by BarbinMD; ExxonMobil is our faithful servant by Jerome a Paris; We Are The War Room We Have Been Waiting For Al G for The Field

Obama up,McCain on low road
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Obama Asks McCain About Paris/Britney Ad:"Is That Really the Best You Can Come Up With?"
The big,bellwether battlefield
Michelle Obamaon Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List

                               obama with senator claire mccaskill, union, missouri


Obama pushes forfull Fla., Mich. convention votes
Obama aids Americanin Mideast custody battle
Obama, McCainto visit Michigan next week
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Photo Diaries

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icebergslim's last word:  organize

While the McCain Campaign is attempting to remain relevant in its negativity, let's not lose focus on organizing in all 50 States.

The best thing that came of the primary battle was Obama's chance to visit all the mainland states.  He was able to organize on the ground and get things moving.

There is much mumble in the McCain Camp of the Obama advantage in doing so.  While Obama has boots on the ground now, organizing, voter registration, canvassing, offices opened everywhere; McCain, not so much.

McCain so far is running a more traditional campaign, targeting perennial tossup states such as Florida and Ohio, sending smaller staffs to those states than Obama, but spending more on television ads. His campaign manager, Rick Davis, said recently that his staff will eventually increase to about 450. By earlier this month, it had opened 11 regional offices in key states and another 84 offices across the country in a joint effort with the Republican National Committee.

Through the McCain attempt of confusing and muddying up the waters, the real deal is the ground game.  We must remember, "We have seen and been through this show".   While the Clinton Campaign thought the battle would be in the air, the reality was that the battle was on the ground.  This is what Obama knows how and what to do, and he did it well in the primary.  Now all this is a massive push for the general election.
"Between the Obama staff and the Democratic Party staff there will be several thousand" paid operatives on the ground deployed across the country, deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand said in an interview. "I don't want to get too specific; it gives away strategy."

...Obama and the Democratic Party have about 200 paid staffers working in Florida and more on the way, 90 in Michigan with plans to expand to 200 by August, at least 200 each eventually in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and 50 in Missouri with plans to expand to 150, according to published reports and interviews with Obama campaign officials. Hildebrand said state organizations should be at full strength by the end of August.

Now you get the understanding of going negative, now and early, for the McCain Campaign.  While much hand wringing is going on, the focus must remain on organization.  To be frank, the McCain Campaign must be worried, especially with the lack of enthusiasm gap for its candidate.  As much disdain us have for these negative and frivolous ads, these ads are really targeted to their own base, to get them excited.  Will it work?  The jury is out on that one, you cannot continue to be negative and don't offer folks the reason to pull the lever for you.  That is just common sense.

So, let's continue on with our organizing.  One thing we have learned is that the Obama Campaign knows how to do it.

If you need information on volunteering, click here. If you need information on conducting or participating in a voter registration drive, read kath25's detailed diary with all the information you need, here. And if you want to donate, click here.


weekly slideshow roundup....

well we are in the seaweeds early in this campaign and it stinks.  one good thing i come away with is that obama must be making major inroads for mccain to be proud of touting britney and paris.  sigh.  anyway, keep positive, keep the message straight and keep the peace....focus on obama and not the drama....


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GO, CUBS, GO....

Go Cubs Go (B96 Remix) - B96

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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, July 20-26, 2008

I would post this here, but the diary is too engrossed with slideshows and it is not easy to post this stuff here.

I attempted but got confused on the slideshows.  It would be helpful if this site is updated for current html coding and tagging.

So here is the link. Enjoy.

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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, July 20-26, 2008

reposted with permission of the diarist


barack obama's berlin, germany speech

The week that will be remembered....the spiral downward of John least for now...

I remember, clearly, when Barack Obama announced that he was the `Presumptive Nominee', the first thing that came out of John McCain's mouth was town hall meetings. Ten weekly town hall meetings to be exact.

Many said this would be wonderful, on the scale and scope of the Lincoln-Douglass debates.  Many said this would bring democracy back to the process, let the voters see these candidates undressed, real.  Well, it isn't happening.

I was against such posturing from the beginning, primarily because it would give candidate John McCain a chance to stand on the stage with Barack Obama, size him up while sizing and shoring 'John McCain' up.  After last week's tour through the Middle East and Europe, we can comfortably state, the town hall meetings will not happen.

Through this week I saw two different campaigns.

The Obama Campaign.  Senator Obama dealt directly with dignitaries of Iraq and Afghanistan, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki endorsing the Obama Timeline for getting U.S. Troops out of Iraq.  Then the trip to Afghanistan.  Obama met with the President and witnessed firsthand the need of more U.S.Troops on the ground there and not in Iraq. The big crux of all this was the look of Barack Obama.  He looked presidential, he looked like a leader.  The most astounding thing is that all the heads of state, important diplomatic dignitaries wanted to meet and speak with Barack Obama.  But the most startling thing of this whole trip was the blunt and direct ignoring of the Bush Administration by all of these countries and looking to Barack Obama as the new face of diplomacy from the United States of America, not John McCain.  John McCain, nor George W. Bush will ever be met in Europe like Barack Obama was greeted.  The waving of U.S. flags, excitement of the over 200,000 Germans in Berlin sealed the Bush Administration's fate, and McCain's fate to a point.

All of this unhinged the McCain Campaign.  Why?  I don't know.  It was John McCain and the RNC who kept a clock ticker about Obama not visiting Iraq and never have gone to Afghanistan.  It was their daring that put Barack on this worldwide tour.  And now they had to sit back and take it.  The McCain Campaign had to watch major U.S. Media and International Media follow Obama's every step and report on it.

McCain whined about unfair media coverage, along with unloading very disingenuous ads that were just straight up lies.  Why he did this is beyond me?  But, knowing politics, you don't go negative unless you must and something in the weeds has to be alarming for the McCain Campaign to go this route.

Which brings me to a comment that sums up the McCain Campaign:

Phil Gramm used the right word on the wrong:

target:  it should be John McWhiner McCain.  I've never heard a politician whine so publicly about the attention he ISN'T getting.

And the strange thing is, all he's doing is calling more attention to his raggedy-ass, message-less campaign and his inability to manage it.

That sums up what is going on in the McCain Campaign and why we don't need to get involved in any town hall meetings.

Lastly, while McCain complained about the Obama Tour, we must remember that McCain, post becoming the presumptive nominee, have been to every single country as Obama.

"It's hard for me to understand Sen. McCain's argument. He was telling me I was supposed to take this trip. He suggested it, thought it was a good idea," the senator told reporters, some of whom were seated on the ground in front of him and or standing on the sidewalk across.

"John McCain has visited every one of these countries post-primary that I have. He has given speeches in Canada, in Colombia, Mexico," he continued. "So it doesn't strike me that we've done anything different than the McCain campaign has done, which is to recognize that part of the job of the next president and commander-in-chief is to forge effective relationships with our allies."

So for all those who are still rallying for town hall meetings, the question is why?  Who stand to gain from these town hall meetings?  Who needs free media because their campaign is sucking an egg?  Who gains to be seen with the most popular and important politician right now?  Surely not Obama, but McCain.

Let's wait for the official debates.  Let's get our vice-presidential nominee.  Let's finish our convention.  Let's work hard to elect Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.  And surely, let's forget about any town hall meetings in the very near future.

Barack in Afghanistan and Kuwait

Audio/Video of the Week

Obama's appearance on Meet the Press; Obama at the U.S. Embassy; Press Conference in Jordan; Press Conference in Israel; NBC's Brian Willams' Interview with Obama in Berlin, Germany; CBS's Katie Couric's Interview with Obama in Jordan, with all excerpts; Obama's Press Conference with President Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris; Obama interview on Face the Nation with Lara Logan in Afghanistan; Chuck Hagel on Face the Nation criticizing John McCain; Obama at Yad Vashem, Israel; Obama's London Press Conference; How Did Obama Do In Europe?; Open Up The Vice Presidential Selection Process; Obama Wraps Up Worldwide Trip; 'It's All Politics': NPR's Weekly News Roundup; Obama Addresses U.S. Image Abroad; Obama Returns Home After Foreign Tour

obama on meet the press from london, england

Al Rodgers

Why a singular shoutout?  Because Al Rodgers is da BOMB!!! And because you need to look at his pictures and videos...that's why....

BREAKING: 10 Days That Shook The World - Obama in Iraq; 3,000 GIs MOB Barack in Baghdad;  MSM HAMMERS McSame !!!; USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!; BREAKING: Barack SURGING (Plus 9)

Barack in Iraq & Kuwait

Audio/Video of the Week Obama's appearance on Meet the Press; Obama at the U.S. Embassy; Press Conference in Jordan; Press Conference in Israel; NBC's Brian Willams' Interview with Obama in Berlin, Germany; CBS's Katie Couric's Interview with Obama in Jordan, with all excerpts; Obama's Press Conference with President Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris; Obama interview on Face the Nation with Lara Logan in Afghanistan; Chuck Hagel on Face the Nation criticizing John McCain; Obama at Yad Vashem, Israel; Obama's London Press Conference; How Did Obama Do In Europe?; Open Up The Vice Presidential Selection Process; Obama Wraps Up Worldwide Trip; 'It's All Politics': NPR's Weekly News Roundup; Obama Addresses U.S. Image Abroad; Obama Returns Home After Foreign Tour

obama on meet the press from london, england

Al Rodgers Why a singular shoutout? Because Al Rodgers is da BOMB!!! And because you need to look at his pictures and videos...that's why.... BREAKING: 10 Days That Shook The World - Obama in Iraq; 3,000 GIs MOB Barack in Baghdad; MSM HAMMERS McSame !!!; USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!; BREAKING: Barack SURGING (Plus 9)

Barack in Iraq & Kuwait

Polls PPP Ohio; UNH New Hampshire Poll; Rasmussen Georgia and Alaska Poll; Detroit News Michigan Poll; Rasmussen Ohio Poll; EPI/MRA Michigan Poll; ARG Florida and New Hampshire Poll; Monmouth New Jersey Poll; PPP Virginia Poll; Rasmussen Florida Poll; WSJ/NBC National Poll; Rasmussen Minnesota Poll; Quinnipac Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin Poll; Pew Hispanic Poll; FOX News National Poll; Rasmussen New Hampshire Poll; Research 2000 Mississippi Poll; Rasmussen Pennsylvania Poll; Research 2000 North Dakota Poll; Frederick Colorado Poll; Rasmuseen New Mexico Poll; Critical Insights Maine Poll; Rasmussen and Gallup National Poll; Research 2000 South Carolina Poll; Rasmussen California Poll

obama addresses the UNITY Convention for Journalists of Color

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Chicago, Unity Convention for Journalists of Color

Obama in Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine

icebergslim’s last word: no time for complacency Ok, there are enough links and slides in this diary for any Obama picture/video fixation or just a roadmap to what the past week has been for everyone to devour. We are proud of our Democratic Nominee, he did something that many thought he could not, and he looked and acted presidential. This world tour, this past week has stopped all the talking points of can Obama handle the world stage. We saw the images and videos, the answer is a resounding, YES!!
Now it is time to get ready for the convention but more importantly, post convention. This is where the real fighting will commence.
Already John McCain has put up two negative ads against Obama while he was away. One, which blames Obama for the high gas prices, which is just laughable. Believe me, the cable desk clerks were laughing at this one. The second ad called “Troops” is about Obama not visiting our wounded troops in Germany, instead playing hoops or working out. Another lie of an ad, as the German visit was cancelled by the Pentagon because Obama was travelling with his campaign, versus his senate detail as he was in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This is just the beginning of the McCain running the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Folks, he is. It is called muddy up the waters, lie if necessary and throw the kitchen sink and hopes something sticks. That is what he is doing.
The Obama Campaign need to have a boatload of surrogates, on all the news shows, to tear this concept of McCain’s down to a shred. Believe me, it is easy because McCain has practically switched on every major point and the latest “Troop” ad even has Obama shooting hoops with troops, while the ad is stating he is not spending anytime with the troops. Go figure.
It is crap like this that will be out in force. Why so early? Well, August 8, 2008, the Olympics start. Many news channels will be focused on the Olympics and the results. Stories of unbelievable “this, that or the other” will be shown, thus politics are on the back burner. So, now it is time for McCain to attempt to become relevant. He shot himself in the foot by daring Obama to go overseas. Obama went overseas and McCain bitched the whole week about the media, thus negative ads appeared. Time is of the essence here, again, even though we have 99 days until the election a whole month will be detoured for the Olympics and both conventions start late in August, into September. Again, not much time.
Obama’s full focus should be on the economy. He has put the experience issue, military issue, looking commander in chief issue to bed by this trip. Now, go to those states Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc., that are devastated by the economy and hammer home your plan from now until November 4, 2008.
This election will be about the economy, gas prices, homeowner loss, banks going down, jobs, lack of health care, tuition for college, the environment, climate change, all issues that affect people directly, not indirectly. Win on this issue, you will win the election. Simple as that.

Shoutouts, stuff you should read... Kennedy, Reagan, Obama in Berlin by Devilstower; McCain's Campaign: So Dumb, We Had to Check to Make Sure It Was Real by DHinMI; Post-Berlin Polls: Success 55% approve w/ Berlin Bounce +5% & Gallup 4% Move Overnight to +6 by Hope Reborn; We're Nowhere Near A Bottom in Housing by bonddad; What Barack Obama Needs to Win by poblano; This should Settle the Question of Hillary as VP by The Christian Progressive Liberal; Sorry Senator Obama, Even Your Prayers Are ‘Public Domain’ by rikyrah; ABC News Officially Endorses John McCain For President by JedReport; We don't buy our own hype - NY Times Interview with Obama by Tax problems; How Close Is The Election Really? by Chris Bowers; The week John McCain's campaign ended by Clem Guttata; Frank Rich: How Obama Became Acting President. by Nuisance Industry; Fox News caught fixing video for McCain by zenbowl; Confirmed: State Department screwed Obama by VirginiaDem; We can't let America elect another unhinged raving lunatic by clammyc; NY Times' Herbert: Media bias indeed; favoring McCain by LaughingPlanet; Massachusetts homeowner commits suicide before foreclosure by litho; McCain Responds to Gaffe; A Surge before THE Surge after Canceling Pres Avail by Hope Reborn; "The World's Most Popular Politician"by DanK Is Back; McCain Would Rather Lose His Honor In Order To Win a Political Campaign by BarbinMD; Military Support for Barack Obama by noweasels

Berlin, Nuff Said....
::well, this has been one hell of a week, both politically and definately visually. our nominee knocked it out of the park, and then some. today is a visual diary, back in the saddle next sunday, but after vacation and barack's week i am pooped!!! below is my slideshow from germany, france and england. we have a fight on our hands, time is of the essence and thinking it is in the bag, is a no, no. as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama....peace...
Berlin, Paris, London and Home...
and Obama's staff in London:
Debate schedule is here.
Tip the Obama Jar, Here
Get Involved HereFor Inspiration: Yes.We.Can!!!
icebergslim1047 (at) gmail (dot) com
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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, July 7-12, 2008

obama on capitol hill


obama in fairfax county, virginia


Rasmussen's Mood of America Poll; Obama Ties McCain Among Less-Educated Voters; PPP Missouri Poll; Rasmussen New Jersey Poll; Rasmussen Illinois and North Dakota Poll; Pew Poll National; Zogby Arizona Poll; Rasmussen Wisconsin Poll; Newsweek National Poll; Rasmussen Washington State Poll;  Post Dispatch/R2000 Missouri Poll     

Party leads GOP in registrations by 55,560:NEVADA
Obama's TurnoutCould Sink Us In The South
McCain Plan to Aid Stateson Health Could Be Costly
McCain's 'Deficit Reduction' PlanWould Cost Trillions
McCain, Obama pitcheconomic plans to Hispanics
McCain has nonational service plan


Jesse Jackson, Time to Let Go?  Yes.

Well, when the good reverend let his "loose lips, sink his ship", my phone started to ring off the hook.

See, here in Chicago we are used to Jackson's rhetoric.  Whether you agree or not, you are used to it but this time it was different.

After watching and listening to Jackson's statements on the O'Reilley Factor, my conclusion was that this would not hurt Obama, but it would diminish Jackson in many eyes, especially in the African-American community.

Jackson's statements sent (eyerolls) all over the place.  His statement that Barack is talking down to Black people is not only ridiculous but straight up crazy.  And wanting to take Obama's manhood from him?  What was THAT about?  Barack Obama has been consistant in speaking about personal responsibility and men in the Black Community being committed fathers is nothing new here, in fact many agree with his position.  So, there is a sure disconnect in what Jackson is angered about and what the public's agreement with Obama's is on this issue.

Sure, Jackson apologized and his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. gave him a tongue lashing, via press release, but it still does not answer why he even said this stuff.

My take, Jackson, Sr. is from a different era.  Many try to lump black folk in one bin, but we are not a monolithic group, as you heard from Jackson's lips himself.  Though Jackson has done much for the civil rights, voters rights, women's rights in this country and is still doing so, his luster on his star has dimmed much.

Living in Chicago, many of us know that Jackson does not do anything without it benefiting Jesse Jackson, Sr. or family.  Whether is it protesting Anhauser-Busch for all the liquor stores in African-American neighborhoods and then putting those picket signs away when the Beer Company gives your family a distribution deal. Or being vocal about parenting and father's being father's, but you had hidden your own indiscretion and fathered a baby on your wife.

So, to lump Barack Obama or even me, in the Jesse Jackson mode is well, ridiculous.  Those examples above have moved many PAST Jesse Jackson.  Again, we respect the good reverend and understand it is hard to move past the national stage when you have always been a player or had a hand in it, but your time is UP.

Thank you for paving a way and giving many generations hope, but it really time for you to take a seat and let the new generation, march on.  Thank you.

                                                           michelle in michigan

ObamaAddresses His Faith
5 presidential campaigncash myths
Obama Says Forcing Russiato Leave the G-8 Would Be a `Mistake'
The Times InterviewsJohn McCain
Obama Won't Committo Event at Military Base
Cashing In onObama and McCain
Corzine says he's readyto stump for Obama
Michelle Obamaties black, white women?

McCain Battles a Nemesis, the Teleprompter

Senator John McCain was performing relatively smoothly as he unveiled his energy plan.

He managed to limit the mechanical hand chops and weirdly timed smiles that can often punctuate his speeches. He delivered his lines with an ease that suggested a momentary peace with his longtime nemesis, the teleprompter. (He relied on a belt-and-suspenders approach, with text scrolling down screens to his left and right, and on a big TV set in front of him.)

But when Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, came to the intended sound bite of his speech -- the part about reducing America's dependence on foreign oil -- he hit a slick.

"I have set before the American people an energy plan, the Lex-eegton Project," Mr. McCain said, drawing a quick breath and correcting himself. "The Lex-ing-ton Proj-ect," he said slowly. "The Lexington Project," he repeated. "Remember that name."

In a town meeting in Cincinnati the next day, Mr. McCain would again slip up on the name of the Massachusetts town, where, he noted, "Americans asserted their independence once before." He called it "the Lexiggdon Project" and twice tried to fix his error before flipping the name ("Project Lexington") in subsequent references.  NYT continue

AP/Yahoo Poll: McCain represents "old"; Obama represents "change"
Protesters gearing upfor the political conventions
Obama's convention speechdisrupts network plans
Obama Slaps McCainon Bankruptcy Laws
The FacebookerWho Friended Obama
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Obama Outlines Planfor Bankruptcy Reform
Road still bumpy forMcCain's retooled bandwagon

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Spike Lee takes Jacksonto task for Obama comments
Obama plans unprecedentedcampaign staff numbers in Missouri
America Gets to Know Obama,and Vice Versa
"The PoliticsOf Fear"....Tasteless and Offensive
Obama:Iranian missile tests call for more talks
Obama Assails McCainon Immigration Before Latino Audience
Obama Says His CriticsHaven't Been Listening

we got the mo


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Obama Vastly Outspending McCain On AdsAt Jesse Helms' Old TV Station
Democrats takeObama shift in stride
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Obama Seeks to Register 151,000 Votersin 86 Days:  VIRGINIA
Listening to America:the Democratic Platform for Change

                                        obama in san diego, ca at the la raza conference

icebergslim's last word: birth control, viagra, and gaffes

This campaign season is mired under a microscope.  Any little thing said on either side is diced, sliced, and put on a platter for the public to consume.

I state this because I see both campaigns running to the "safety net", really not being bold or challenging but just safe.

I guess that is fine.  Both, Obama and McCain want to be elected, but it makes one wonder where is the fire, when we see a bunch of smoke.

This past week offered some funny "you know whats" on various levels.  First, as I already commented on the Jesse Jackson remarks, which at the end of the day was some crazy crap.  Now we move to McCain and his viagra moment.

There is something to say about surrogates.  They have become the love/hate messenger of this campaign season.  They either stay on topic or just snap and let it all hang out.  We have witnessed it over and over again.  And we have seen the denouncement like a broken record, with the usual surrogate getting kicked out of the limo as the candidate drives off.

Well, that is what happened to McCain on various levels this week.  First, Carly Fiorina (and I will disclose I don't like her.  never did like her.  and knowing her history at hp, many will agree) and her stance or her stating McCain's stance on birth control.

This is a touchy subject on many levels.  Why?  It has displayed McCain voting against insurance companies covering birth control, while many companies cover, (cough, cough) viagra.

Now, this is truly a HELL TO THE NAW moment for women.  And Fiorina supplies ample juice by stating: "There are many health insurance plans that will cover Viagra but won't cover birth control medication. Those women would like a choice."

Correct Fiorina, it is a woman's choice.  Again, why any woman would vote for John McCain need to look this man's record up, which is horrific on women's issues.

Then we have the snide, snub, rollin' in the dough former senator from Texas, Phil Gramm.  Whose notorious statement referring to the citizens of the United States of America as "whiners" have moved the McCain Campaign to slam the brakes and kick Gramm to the curb, as the candidate and limo proceed off to the continuous campaign clouds.

Gramm's statement which can be viewed here, truly the most outrageous gaffe I have heard in a very long time.  Sure, McCain did not make the statements, but this is a man who is his trusted advisor for over 20 years.  Which makes my assessment of "birds of a feather, flock together" very true about John McCain.  Remember, McCain has been running around here, also, telling us that the recession and parts of it is psychological.

To insult the American Public that all this recession is a figment of our imaginations or psychological is truly over the top.

I wish Gramm, McCain and crew can go to South Bend, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, parts of Pennsylvania, parts of the West and Southside of Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.  There are areas in this country hit hard and where communities are not only devastated but have been destroyed.  Where folks are biting on their fingernails in Michigan for the job they have or wonder if they will keep.

No, this is the most elitist statement ever mentioned in this campaign.

Obama Campaign, this should be shoved down Americans throats until the words BUSH=MCCAIN=ENOUGH is recited off of every American's lips.

And some people have the audacity to want to vote for John McCain?  What are you smoking?  Because whatever it is, you need to stop now and wake the hell up.

Slide Show, Drum Roll, Please....

well, i am not going to lie.  i am prejudice, because i am a woman and i don't like how the press is trying to slime michelle obama.  yes, some of it is racist, but much of it is sextist.  this is a woman who did not have a silver spoon in her mouth, a woman who made her accomplishments through hard work.  isn't this supposed to be respected as the american way?  she is a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister and the democratic nominee's wife.  all democratic women should be outraged and if you have not gotten your rage up yet, view this, then get pissed.  i am.

oh, look below.  our hope dog.  well, i guess i can call him something else, but he is a dog, standing on hope!!  hope is nothing to belittle.  you will be surprised and amazed how hope has gotten many of us to the point of where we are in this life.  remember that.  as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama...


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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, June 22-28, 2008

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                                                      barack and hillary in unity, nh


                                                       barack and hillary in unity

June 30, 2008:  End of Month

It is that time.  

What did you say?  Yes, that time to donate. The Obama Campaign is not taking any public funding, so he won't get the grand total of 84M after the convention in August.  This campaign is totally depending on us, to fuel its current existence and through the November election.

While we are shedding away the primaries, which ended the first week of June, now we must revitalize and get engaged for the general election.  Remember the DNC, DCCC, DSCC also are depending on our donations.  Why?  The DNC must put on a convention, as in paying for it, and are in the trenches with Obama.  The DCCC must fund its congressional candidates, especially in some tough battleground districts.  The DSCC must fund its senatorial candidates, especially in some tough states, if we want to expand the senate.

All this must be done now, not yesterday, but now.

The Obama Campaign has some free giveaways with your donation.

For a 30.00 donation, you will receive a 100% cotton envirObama shirt.  Click on the image.

For a 30.00 donation, you will receive an Obama Logo shirt.  Click on the image.

For a 15.00 donation, you will receive an Obama Car Magnet.  Click on the image.

For the artist in you, the "Yes We Can" poster by Antar Dayal.  Part of the continuing artist series from the Obama Campaign.  If you don't like these items, shop at the Obama Store. The only campaign with continuous items at an affordable price.

And donate to the DNC here, the DCCC here and the DSCC here. We have good candidates, but they won't be elected without money.  Simple as that, donate.

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icebergslim's last word:  unity
As many know, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned together for the first time in Unity, NH. Showing solidarity within the Democratic Party.

Much of this solidarity has already started to move Obama's way by the recent polling, nationally and statewide, see under polls above.  While this unity was shown publicly, behind the scenes the bartering is hard and heavy.  First the Obamas maxed to Clinton for 4600.00 and the Clintons shot one back atcha to the Obama Campaign. All this came about after Clinton introduced Obama to her fundraisers in Washington, D.C.

Apparently, the meeting seemed to go smooth.  Of course, there may still be angry folks, but all in all many realize that we are Democrats and if we want to win in November, we must forge alliance to make that happen.  Though some in the media are reporting, "no unity", this former Clinton backer promises to raise 10M for Obama.

After a hard fought campaign, of course the patches are rough and edgy, but we all realize that this is the Democratic Moment to seize and take back the White House, and increase our congress prospects.  To hang onto being angry, in the end just won't do.  It solves nothing and we can lose everything.

So, in this sentiment, I hope someone can clue Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader in on this.  First on the list is our former president who is apparently having a hard time accepting his wife's defeat, Bill Clinton.  All this utter nonsense, supposedly coming from him is not helpful or productive.  In fact, it makes our former president look more comical than the elder statesman of the party he is.  This type of distraction is not helpful for the party or unity, and I hope someone informs him of this.

Ralph Nader.  Who does not know him?  Mr. Consumer Advocate.  But recently with his outrageous rant about "Obama trying to 'talk white'" was straight out of the book of Geraldine Ferraro.  Nader must have read her blue print and decided to be the Geraldine Ferraro of the general election.

What I don't understand about Nader is that his explanation of this is totally a generational gap.  He tries to insist that Obama is not speaking like Jesse Jackson, lacks that hubris, when in fact Barack Obama is not a civil rights advocate.  Never was and never will be.  Which brings us back to how backwards Nader is, especially in his assumption of lumping all African-Americans in a bowl, which clearly is a no can do. For the record Obama denounce this silliness of Nader and the claim on "white talk".

Nader has been laughed at and obliterated for his comments and Bill Clinton either get on the bus or watch history and his legacy pass him by.

Both have a choice, but the public has a choice too, that is to ignore them both.  Sometimes making someone irrelevant is the best thing one can do.  Just brush this dirt off your shoulder, definitely Nader and hopefully not Bill Clinton.


Clark hits McCain's military credentials

Gen. Wesley Clark, acting as a surrogate for Barack Obama's campaign, invoked John McCain's military service against him in one of the more personal attacks on the Republican presidential nominee this election cycle.

Clark said that McCain lacked the executive experience necessary to be president, calling him "untested and untried" on CBS' "Face the Nation." And in saying so, he took a few swipes at McCain's military service.

After saying that "I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war," he added that these experiences in no way qualify McCain to be president in his view:
"He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded -- that wasn't a wartime squadron," Clark said.

"I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president." continue

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well the above slideshow does make one smile, but our main person to support is barack obama, our democratic nominee.  it is also important to support and fund the dnc, who as obama is not taking pac and federal lobbyist dollars.  unity is wonderful, but faux unity won't work.  so, while things are being worked out, i hope hillary clinton has good faith to release her delegates, understand the importance of campaigning for barack, won't demand her name is released on the convention floor for potus, and not asking for outrageous air time at the convention.  this is a sore point, but this is what is being demanded and right now we have one boss who won this primary and that is barack obama.  we all want unity, but we also don't want this continued drama.  who needs it?  i hope everyone attended the unity for change meetings, this weekend.  i did and it was right in my neighborhood!!!!  there is real hunger for change out here and we are four months away from voting for it...keep the spirit up and remember to focus on obama and not the drama...


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