OSM tells Gov. Bredesen (D-TN) to Piss Off!!

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Recently, particularly after the Sago mine disaster in which 16 were killed, states have been paying more attention to the effect that mining has on their lives, communities, and environment.

West Virginia's governor Joe Manchin wanted all WV mines shut down for safety reviews.

Tennessee Phil Bredesen (D-TN)

also filed a request with the Office of Surface Mining, requesting that the OSM Reclamation and Enforcement develop an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to review the effects of coal mining in Tennessee.

The OSM also received similar requests from Paul Sloan (Deputy Commissioner, TN Department of Environment and Conservation) and Gary Myers (Executive Director of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.)

In response to these requests for an assessment of their actions, and the results thereof, the OSM respectfully flipped Governor Bredesen, Commissioner Sloan, and Executive Director Myers the bird....

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Ford Fighting To Save AmeriCorps--Bryant and Hilleary Want To Eliminate Vital Program


According to Fox News, the Bush Administration has put the all important AmeriCorps on their budget chopping block.

Fox News reports, "The Bush administration has proposed cutting AmeriCorps' National Civilian Community Corps — a program in which 18-24 year olds live in group residences for training before going out to perform service projects — from $27 million to $5 million in fiscal year 2007, with the intent of shutting it down altogether. The decision has drawn fire from NCCC alumni as well as AmeriCorps' congressional supporters."

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Know Thy Enemy: The Republicans Running for US Senate in TN

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I happened to drive by the Jonesborough Visitors Center today, and discovered that the Republican senate candidates were having a debate.

I popped in to see the last half hour or so, and here's what I saw.

The debate was overall fairly positive. Van Hilleary was clearly the most charismatic of the three. Both Hilleary and Ed Bryant teamed up to deliver some blows to Bob Corker, particularly poignant were Hilleary's attacks on Corker for raising taxes as the mayor of Chattanooga.

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