Harold Ford Jr: Amanda's Question For Donald Rumsfeld--And My Answer


The following op-ed is written by Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and appears on the TMPCafe blog:

Two weeks ago, our campaign for the U.S. Senate traveled the entire width of Tennessee by bus. We sought to listen to the people of our great state and to share with them a vision for a new generation of leadership in Washington.

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Breaking: Harold Ford Jr. Nearly Outraises All 3 GOP Opponents Combined

Candidates in the U.S. Senate race have raised more than $15 million so far, and Memphis Democrat Harold Ford Jr.'s fundraising since Jan. 1 is nearly that of the three leading Republican contenders combined.

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"New" African-American Leadership, Part 2

Tom Grayman is a pollster, publisher of The Intelligence Squad website, and author of the book Ghosts of Florida: Making Elections Fair for Blacks.

Harold Ford (D-TN) is a source of endless frustration for me.

The man rated one of the least loyal Democrats by Chris Bowers, and given a grade of "D" by the producers of the Congressional Black Caucus Monitor is now looking to raise his profile with a run for the US Senate.

I attended the University of Pennsylvania at the same time as Mr. Ford (I was a couple of years ahead of him). From his column on the op-ed pages of the student newspaper to his election to Congress at age 26, to his upstart run for the Democratic Minority Leadership position, he's been positioning himself to be power player from jump.

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TN: Senate Perspective

Some recent news in the otherwise uninteresting TN Governor's race may actually have an effect on the TN Senator's race I fear. This is a race that Dems can win. But the question is, who will win the GOP nomination? If it's Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker, the "moderate" choice, he may have gotten a boost in yesterday's news that Jim Bryson (State Senator) will challenge Bredesen (D) for Governor. Bryson won't win. But he has cred with the religious right.

Bryson is best known as the sponsor of a 2003 measure to create "Choose Life" specialty license plates and as a leader in the effort to prevent homosexuals from adopting children.

This year he unveiled a plan to cap state spending, and he said he wants to stay in the Senate to shepherd the measure through.

Bryson's plan would change the constitution to make it harder to break what's known as the "Copeland Cap," which limits government spending to the rate of growth of personal income.

That's something Corker does not have. In fact the primary will pit Corker against 2 religious right darlings (Bryant and Van Hilleary). Bryson's entrance gives religious conservatives a reason  to show up in November, and while they're in the voting booth I don't expect them to vote for Ford. The GOP may not have fired up the religious base with Corker. Bryson does. So he may get the benefit of that crowd without the baggage/backlash. May be the worst news Representative Ford could have gotten.

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Mountaintop Removal: UN to hear from Coalfield Residents!

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I can't tell you how big this is!

Please read the story here. Coalfield residents will finally be able to voice to a nuetral international body who can help them stop the atrocities of Mountaintop Removal coal-mining!!!

Read more about the atrocities of Mountaintop Removal Coal mining. You can also check out the Appalachian  Voices blog here, and MTR related news here

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