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BO has now released his tax returns dating back to 2000. HRC has refused to release her post-white house tax returns as of today and says that they will be released a couple of days before the PA primary. Why such the delay? Furthermore, HRC refuses to disclose the earmark requests she made while senator of NY or release the names of the donors to the Clinton library.

Obviously, one of the big problems with the current administration has lack of transparency, and the way to gain public trust is to be as open as possible. It is hardly a cumbersome task to have these documents released, yet HRC refuses to do so. How can she justify hiding such important documents from the American public?  

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News: Obama Releases Tax Returns

Obama has just released all his tax returns form 2000 to the present. I'm sure much will be written about these, but here are a few short highlights.

1040 Income:

2006 -  $983, 826
2005 - $1,655,106
2004 -   $207,647
2003 -   $238,327
2002 -   $259,394
2001 -   $272,759
2000 -   $240,505

The big jumps in 2005 and 2006 are due to business income, presumably from his books.

2006 -   $506,618
2005 - $1,141,495

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Obama Releases Six Years of Tax Returns... Clinton? Nope.

Barack Obama has released his tax returns from 2000 through 2006, and has promptly called on Sen. Clinton to do the same.

Find the tax returns here.

Now, remember when you though Hillary Clinton was going to release her returns on or before April 15th?  

Nope, now they want to push the release to the weekend news cycle just before the Pennsylvania primary.

An aide to Hillary Clinton pledged on Monday to release the senator's tax returns at least three days prior to the Pennsylvania primary.

So, what's the holdup?

"Senator Clinton recently claimed that she's 'the most transparent figure in public life,' yet she's dragging her feet in releasing something as basic as her annual tax returns," said Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs. "Senator Clinton can't claim to be vetted until she allows the public the opportunity to see her finances--particularly with respect to any investment in tax shelters."
Press Release

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Tough Times Ahead for Senator Clinton

No matter how many claims of being "fully vetted," no matter how much you say that you are transparent, in the end it only matters until it doesn't.  It no longer matters how much Hillary says she has been vetted.  It no longer matters how often her surrogates say that she is a very open person who has undergone decades of scrutiny.  It no longer matters how many years of tax returns are available for the public.

It no longer matters because she is no longer "fully vetted."

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Where Have We Seen This Tax Return Question Before?

One blog had an interesting look at where Obama's calls for Clinton to release her tax returns may have come from?

Hillary's 2000 senate race with none other than powerful GOPer Rick Lazio.

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