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FYI, the following is a letter from a BFS soldier. This is fairly representative of the mail I get.

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Separating Republicans from the herd

The surge isn't working.  The situation in Iraq is as bad as ever. The president is waffling on the September deadline.

The good news?  Week after week, republicans are breaking away from President Bush and looking for a new strategy to get out of Iraq.

Joe Biden has the plan that can achieve bipartisan support.  Instead of prolonging the surge, we should get behind Biden's plan and force a vote in congress to put more republicans on the spot.  Biden's plan gives us a way out of the Iraq war, without abandoning the region to the terrorists, or to Iran.  We should take action to put the Biden plan into effect now - not later.  The other Democratic candidates should come together and support Senator Biden's plan.  This would show the nation that the Democratic party is serious about finding a workable solution in Iraq.  Let the other guys play politics; we should focus on getting things accomplished.

Jeff C


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Gates admits surge "..is just to buy time."

A friend of mine use to work at a shady car dealership.

"Once you've selected a car you're taken into what's called a 'closing booth'.  Your salesman, if he fails to get you to agree on a sale, must keep passing the baton off to a succession of other salesmen and 'closers'.   Until you finally sign, or walk out"..

The Iraqis have been trying to walk out.

But Secretary of Defense Gates, making a 'surprise' trip to Iraq, is the third senior US official to visit Baghdad this week, following John Negroponte, the US deputy secretary of state, and Admiral William Fallon.

And as he promised Congress he would do, he finally spoke the truth:

"...."It is the same message [to Al-Maliki] that I have been delivering since December, that our troops are buying them time to pursue reconciliation...."

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September Mourn

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    Many believe that come September the debacle that is now Iraq will be ending or at least beginning to end. Those who believe this still do not understand who or what they are dealing with. This administration will stop at nothing to further its agenda and the continued occupation of Iraq is a major part of that agenda. So what can we expect to hear in September from General Petraeus when he makes his report on the progress of the "surge" strategy?

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Fuzzy Baghdad Math

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