Petraeus Report: 6 months of Surge or Pelosi Inaction?

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Brent Budowsky: A Bold Challenge for Hillary Clinton

From The Hill's Pundits Blog:

How Hillary Clinton Can End the Iraq War, Speak for the American Military and Kill Osama Bin Laden

Brent Budowsky

First, let us cut through the propaganda, lies, disinformation, media misrepresentations and political cowardice that may well be leading Democrats, John Warner Republicans and so-called moderates to another shameless surrender to George W. Bush that will extend the catastrophe and tragedy of the Iraq war.

Here is a short list of those who believe that President Bush and Gen. David Petraeus are dead flat wrong in their obsession to continue the long-term escalation of the Iraq war:

1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff.

2. Admiral Fallon, head of Central Command, Gen. Petraeus's boss.

3. Former NATO Supreme Commander and Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Jones and the members of the commission he leads...


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Hyping Al Qaeda in Iraq, the "Anbar Awakening" and the Surge

The administration is trotting out a shiny new narrative on Iraq: Petraus's Anbar Awakening has brought around the Sunni Tribes, who are now our allies in a battle against the wicked excesses of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

But what if everything we've heard about AQI is as overblown as the original scare-stories about Saddam's WMD?

Andrew Tilghman, a former Iraq correspondent for the Stars and Stripes newspaper, has an article that just hit the Washington monthly that takes an in-depth look at just how big a movement AQI really is - and the answer isn't pretty. Particularly since the Anbar Awakening strategy is based around arming Sunnis to fight AQI, it's pretty important to know just how much AQI there is... and what we're really arming those tribal leaders for. If AQI is "is a microscopic terrorist organization," then what will the Sunnis do with all those guns?

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Anbar Province Success Isn't Due to U.S. Surge

The Bush administration is claiming SUCCESS in Iraq and that the success is attributed to the additional troops they sent over earlier this year.

This is once again - a lie

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Pres Bush - Walk down town Baghdad - show us it's safe

Senator McCain and other Senators brag about how 'safe' it is
to walk down town Baghdad.  Yes it's true they get caught
having dozens of troops surrounding them while they walk the
streets, but at least they walk them.

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