Commander-in-Chief Custer

Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney now.  Yes, I admit that neither of them has lied about fellatio in the White House.  We will have to lower the bar.

But 3,000 dead American servicemen and women deserve to have their memories honored by the impeachment of the individuals who sent them to their graves unnecessarily.

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Reid backs 20k troops -- BUT ONLY FOR RETREAT

The NBC evening news (and the WaPo) played up their favorite theme, the idea that "the Democrats are in disarray!", yet again today, by highlighting a difference between Harry Reid and several other key Democratic Senators on how best to get our troops home before the end of next year.

The people in the GOP/Media Complex were hoping that this scam of "let's you and him fight" would drive a wedge between the netroots and Reid. And to judge by the sounds in the netroots tonight, their scam worked perfectly.

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