HELP: The Right is ruling the blogs on MSN sites.

HELP: The Right is ruling the blogs on MSN sites. Please make sure there is some alternative view available for the readers!

Your comment can be one click away from 12 Million plus unique eyeballs a month!
Look for articles with 10 or less comments then you can be seen with the article forever!

It is typical to see 10 right wing posts in row all uncontested.

See Extended entry for a typical example on the stimulus bill.

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Anti-Obama? What do you hope to gain?

This diary was inspired by a comment in another diary that was left unanswered.  

So here we go:

If you are both a democrat and anti-Obama, what do you hope to gain from his loss in the election?  
Do you think McCain will improve your life more than Obama?
Are simply just mad at him and want retribution?  If you agree with Obama politically but still want him to lose, how do you rationalize your support for the loss of your political interests?

I am asking an honest question so please try to answer honestly.  If it is emotional, say so.  If it is a specific policy position, say so.  But please in all cases, I am really looking for an explanation of your position because I just don't get it.

Lastly, please no flame wars.  If people are to express their opinions freely, they should feel safe in doing so.  On the other hand, if someone uses a rationale that is simply not factually accurate commentors should feel free to link to factual information.

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GOP "Gang of 14" says it won't back McCain

In the wake of hearing from our good friend, Congressman Dan Boren (D-Okla), we have interesting news from The Hill this morning:

At least 14 Republican members of Congress have refused to endorse or publicly support Sen. John McCain for president, and more than a dozen others declined to answer whether they back the Arizona senator.

Just wait- it gets better.

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Winning Without Hillary Will Be Tough

It will be difficult, if not impossible to win the GE in November without the support of team HRC. There I said it.

I attended Saturday's RBC meeting. I spent most of my time on the floor and focussed some of my time reaching out to the friendlier HRC supporters. I will admit that it was tough because a good majority were upset with the RBC, Chairman Dean, the media, and some where even upset at Obama directly.

While I can argue some of these points, it was pointless - I wasn't going to convince too many folks. Even though I met four folks that left with a more positive feeling after we spent time together while the meeting was in a lunch break. We took turns listening to each other while sharing concerns, issues, and we even discussed policy difference and similarities.

It was a great experience. But these conversations, reminded me of a famous quote I heard a few years ago. Bill Clinton is quoted as saying that "Republicans like to fall in line and Democrats like to fall in love."

It was easy to see that we were all in love with our candidates. Which on paper is good but it can hurt us if we don't control this emotion. If allow our "love" for one candidate to impair our judgement as Democrats, we risk losing another 4 or 8 years to an administration that does not care for Americans. McCain does not care for woman's rights and gender equality. McCain does not care about fixing our Health Care crisis. More recently, McCain has sided directly with Bush on tax cuts for the wealthy and more importantly on Iraq.

I know there will always be some Democrats that may not come around to voting for Obama. I would question whether they are true Democrats in the first place. Perhaps they are really independents or even Republicans that enjoy conflict.

We need all Democrats to fall in line and fall out of love.

There's one additional point I will make regarding elections.

In most elections, the winner receives anywhere between 60%-80% of their votes from hard core supporters and strong leaners. These are the folks the "like" the candidate. But in all elections, even the winning candidate get votes from those that didn't like them.

These people wished they had someone that met their personal needs or ideals more directly. However, the thing that made these voters vote for someone they "disliked" was the fact that they thought his/her opponent was even worse.

I guess my point is to say that you don't necessarily have to vote for Obama. Maybe you can't just vote against McBush?

You know, sometimes it takes time to fall in love anyway. One good example is that my wife and I were friends for 4 years before we dated. Now, we've been together for 24 years. Just a thought. Thanks!

Obama 08!

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Trying to understand the anger

As I visit different Pro- Hillary blogs and sites (talk left, taylormarsh, hillaryis44, noquarter) I keep reading similar refrains from Clinton supporters and they usually fall into 3 categories.

1.  I will never vote for Obama because he of what he has done.

2.  The DNC has abandoned the people, the elite decided this contest.  I can't support the Democratic party anymore.

3.  The MSM has tried to destroy Hillary, therefore I won't support Sen. Obama.  

Instead of arguing the points I really want to try and understand your perspective.  I'm going to post a few questions about the points above and would really like to hear your thoughts.  I am not posting to argue but for understanding.  

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