Iraqis will die whether we stay or not...

Ranger Question of the Day:
Why does America care if the Iraqis kill each other after we leave?
Presently the U.S. taxpayers are paying billions upon billions to kill Iraqis.
Wouldn't it be cheaper to let them kill each other?

The question hit me between the eyes... not something I had asked myself or anyone before. But, the more you think of it, the more Rangeragainstwar is right.

Here's our predicament: If we stay in Iraq, more of our soldiers die and, of course, more Iraqis die. If we leave Iraq, less of our soldiers die, but, of course, more Iraqis die.


It seems clear that we really don't care about Iraqis. We say we want to help them set up a democracy... but we really mean a democracy on our terms, with leaders we approve of and with, of course, the oil available to our corporations.

The Sunni and Shi'ite contingents both have their groups of insurgents. Sometimes we back one group. Sometimes we turn around and back the other. Most Americans could not really tell you which group we were backing when... or what which group stood for. An I don't think either of those groups care for the Kurds.

Then there is this that I found in the Washington Times:

Nabil Comanny and his family endured the dead bodies in the streets, the roaming kidnap gangs and the continuing power failures.

The Christian family stayed in their southern Dora neighborhood after their Muslim neighbors fled the daily fighting between Sunnis and Shi'ites.

But when a hand-scrawled note appeared on their door telling them to convert to Islam, pay $300 a month for "protection" or die, they realized they had to leave their home of 11 years.

"We don't have weapons, and the government doesn't protect us. What else can we do?" said Mr. Comanny, a 37-year-old journalist.

Islamic militants are increasingly targeting Christians, especially here in the capital, forcing an exodus that has cut deeply into the long-standing minority community.

And while we are defending Sunni's (or Shi'ite's... I don't remember this week), they are going after non-Muslims. So even more Iraqis die whether we are there or not. And I imagine we provide the weapons for most, if not all, of the killings (sorry, I forgot... the Iranians are supplying weapons... we'll have to go after THEM shortly.)

America, I believe, cares for the most part about one thing: getting out. That is what the election said in 2006. That is what the polls say. That is what Americans say in the press. That is what the blogs say. That is what just about everyone but Bush says.

And we go on...

Under The LobsterScope

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BAGHDAD, July 9 -- The Iraqi foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, warned today that an early American withdrawal from Iraq could bring on an all-out civil war and regional conflict, pointedly telling the United States that it had responsibilities to continue lending support to the Baghdad government.

Mr. Zebari also asserted that Iraq's neighbor Turkey had massed 140,000 troops near his country's northern border and urged it to resolve differences with dialogue, not through force.

Mr. Zebari, who is a Kurd, said Iraq was ready "to address all Turkish legitimate security concerns over the P.K.K. or any terrorist activities," but he warned that Turkey should not use force, and that the Iraqi government was "definitely opposed to any military incursion or any violations of Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity."

He insisted his government was not "running away from our responsibilities" in Iraqi Kurdistan, but he pleaded for patience, saying that Iraq's security forces were already overstretched "fighting terrorism here in the streets and neighborhoods of Baghdad." He urged the revival of a security and military commission to bring together the United States, Iraq and Turkey "to agree on practical measures" to resolve the situation. NY Times

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

Tired of Bill Safire's annual "Office Pool" column in The New York Times? -- the 2007 version of which appeared today. Sick of his not-so-subtle slants to reflect his right-wing wish list? Well, here then, is the only Office Pool you need, the First Annual "Office Satire Pool" for 2007:

1. George Bush will:

(a) stay the course, (b) give in to his urge to surge, (c) cut and run, (d) cut his wrists.

I hope for (d), but fear it'll be (b).

2. Dick Cheney will push for the invasion of:

(a) Iran, (b) Syria, (c) Iraq, all over again, (d) The Democratic-controlled House and Senate.

My pick: All of the above.

3. Osama bin Laden will:

(a) be captured while dining with Pakistan President Musharraf, (b) take over as the lead anchor on Al Jazeera, (c) be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bush, for ensuring W's re-election.

The answer is (a), but you won't hear about it, since Bush needs both Musharraf and bin Laden.

4. Which politician's platform to battle the E. coli threat will be most ridiculed:

(a) Hillary Clinton's centrist-tacking "All meat should be safe, legal and rare," (b) John McCain's "Send in more bacteria," (c) John Kerry's "How do you ask a man to die for a last steak."

Obviously (c), which will be played to death by the Swift Meat Company veterans.

5. Which position will the extreme Right-Wing do a dramatic reversal on:

(a) abortion, (b) tax cuts for the wealthy, (c) global warming, (d) human cloning.

The correct answer is (d) human cloning, which has already occurred, based on the fact that Pat Buchanan appears simultaneously on every cable news station.


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Saudi's threaten US

Saw in the NYTimes today that the Saudis had met Cheney with a threat to finance the Sunnis in Iraq against the Shi'ites in the event of a pullout of American troops.  They have evidently recalled their ambassador, alathough that was my conclusion from the language in yesterday's Times.   The Saudis have made clear that they do not want us talking to Iran.   Did any one else pick this up. Impact? Ideas? Responses?

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

While all of the media attention has been sucked up by The Iraq Study Group, flying under the radar is a parallel report on the United States,prepared by a bipartisan group of Iraqi clerics.

"The U.S. Study Group Report," also known as the al-Sadr Report, after the radical Shiite cleric, concludes that the condition of the United States is "grave and deteriorating."

The Report points to a dysfunctional electoral system, an inability to devise coherent immigration or health care programs, and America's disturbing obsession with crass game shows that feature scantily-clad women holding up dollar signs.


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