Brown Panel Calls on University to Atone for Slavery Ties

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In recent years, African-American activists have pressured modern institutions with historical involvement in the slave trade to acknowledge their role and make amends. Some have called for companies to pay a form of reparations. Most institutions have rejected this idea, but have made some concessions.

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ABC World News Now Reports on "Facebook Bayh"

As some of you may know, Evan Bayh launched a profile in July on the social-networking site known as as a way of reaching out to the young voters that have injected new energy and fresh ideas into the Democratic Party.

Bayh's outreach to young voters on Facebook seems to be getting a lot of attention recently as ABC's World News Now reported on "Facebook Bayh" in their daily webcast yesterday which you can view by clicking here. In addition to the ABC report, Evan Bayh's facebook page has been picked up by the Lexington Kentucky-Herald and the Boston Globe.

Of particular interest in the Boston Globe article is this quote from Joe Trippi:

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Bridging the Economic - Education Divide

Higher education will be the cornerstone of a successful future for the current and future students of Ohio. In the modern economy, a high school graduate is not prepared to enter the work force without the advanced skills gained from post-secondary training.  Thus it is imperative that the State of Ohio undergoes every effort to ensure that those qualified and willing to attend Ohio's colleges and universities are able to financially do so.

However, Ohio policy has been quite to the contrary. The percentage of the budget allocated towards higher education has dropped from 17.7 in 1979 to 11.7 in 2005. This is during a period in which the necessity of higher education has increased immensely.

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Lamont Wowing Students

I got to spend a few minutes with Ned Lamont on Wednesday, as he was nice enough to come by and speak at Wesleyan University, where I'm President of the College Dems chapter.  

I must say that I went into the event with some doubts, seeing as the date was just two days after students had returned from spring break and there was minimal time for advertising.

My fears were more than assuaged.  Not only were there plenty of students who turned out to see Lamont, but his performance was simply great.  He spoke for about 20 minutes and then took every single question the audience had for him.  He came across as knowledgeable and genuine, polished enough to be taken seriously, but not so polished that he seemed scripted.  

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