Students for Barack Obama Rewind (Round III)

SC State

South Carolina State University students register to vote, part of Obama for America’s student vote drive.

U of Missouri

University of Missouri’s SFBO chapter receives pledges from their classmates to vote for Senator Obama.

It took a while, but I guess we rewound the tape far enough back that people are starting to come to the same conclusion that we here at SFBO came to long ago: Barack Obama is running the most aggressive campaign for the student vote.

The Concord Monitor specifically cited Obama for America’s extraordinary efforts in an article on presidential candidates courting the student vote .

Even the Students for Barack Obama blog is getting in the action with a shout-out on the

The Emory Wheel, Emory University’s student newspaper, highlighted the school’s Students for Barack Obama chapter in a recent article.

And praise for students isn’t limited to our enthusiasm at SFBO events. We are showing up everywhere. At a recent Generation Obama fundraiser in San Francisco, students filled the balcony.

Elsewhere in the country, South Carolina high school students were partying like BarackStars this week calling their friends and urging them to vote. And University of Missouri Students for Barack Obama are getting their classmates to pledge to vote for our candidate.

And now for a new feature of SFBO Rewind...STUDENT OF THE WEEK! 

Rojas and Obama

Student of the Week: Natalie Rojas

Natalie Rojas, a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, was recently named SFBO’s California State Coordinator. She is an active participant in College Democrats and the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, and has served in leadership roles within both organizations.

“California is a very forward-thinking, progressive state,” said Natalie. “Students here are especially hungry for change, and Senator Obama offers the type of new ideas and fresh perspectives that will win their votes.”
Natalie plans to spread Obama’s message in a way that resonates with students. She will highlight the senator’s grasp of the issues that students care about, ranging from the environment to health care.

We welcome Natalie to her new role and wish her the best of luck!

Stay tuned to for daily updates on SFBO...

Update: Nelson-Burr Amendment to Higher Education Bill

Cross posted at Future Majority and Daily Kos.

Another update on Nelson-Burr (aka the corporate lender welfare amendment).  Word is that the vote is going to be around noon today and it is going to be tight.  Yesterday, Rick Enzi, ranking Republican on the Senate Education committee declared that he would vote against the amendment, potentially bringing a number of Republicans over with him.  A number of Senators s are on the fence - particularly Tester on the Democratic side and Smith on the Republican side - but many of the Senators listed below don't really know anything about the amendment or how it would impact students.  

Give them a call before noon today.  Tell them why they should vote yes on the bill and no on the Nelson-Burr amendment.  The Capitol Switchboard can be reached at (202) 224-3121.

Tom CarperGordon Smith
Bill NelsonSpecter
Mark PryorSnowe

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Students to Turn Up Heat on Presidential Candidates

What's the saying? If you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen? The kitchen is about to get even hotter. Starting this Saturday, students nationwide are mobilizing to turn up the heat on the Presidential candidates to details their plans on key issues. More and more young people are voting and they're going to be flexing their muscle in the upcoming months with Presidential candidates. Students in eight states will be trailing the Presidential candidates at campaign appearances throughout the coming weekend asking the candidates to detail their plans on global warming. This is part of a new national campaign called What's Your Plan? to convince Presidential candidates to pay attention to young people and to address key issues such as global warming and college affordability. Keep your eye out for these students in your state! MORE INFORMATION:

High School Students Pick Bayh!

Evan Bayh wrote the following thank you message to students from Concord-Carlisle High School in Concord, MA.

I recently heard that your history teacher conducted a class project on the Presidency and the 2008 elections. While I have not yet decided whether or not to commit to running for the White House, I was pleased by the news that after many hours of research and debate your class selected me as your pick for the Democratic nominee for President in 2008.

I am encouraged to know that so many of you are learning about and getting involved in our political process at such a young age. Whether its running for the student council or helping to organize for a local food bank, the skills you will learn will be both invaluable and rewarding experiences for the future. I hope that you will find the political process as inspiring as I did when I took time off of college to work on my father's presidential campaign.

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Recently, StormBear and LumkpinCharm have been EVERYWHERE with diaries showing in great detail what a fantastic Democratic candidate ROGER SHARPE is for NC-05. There are signs that his race against Virginia Foxx,formerly thought of as "long shot," is now entirely competitive. We from the ground agree.

Likewise, these bloggers (and countless others) have worked hard to awaken the people of our great state and nation to the hideousness of NC-05 Republicans who long ago gave up on things like...democracy. And voting.

Republican State Senate candidate David Blust(handpicked by Madame Foxx):

I don't like college students voting in local elections...

Do you think its any coincidence that...the next day...students turned in 1000+ new voter registrations!?

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