Death by Process Story

Every Democrat conscious during the 2000 election remembers the utter frustration and annoyance at the media focusing on process over policy - we didn't get comparisons of Gore's Social Security plans to those of Bush's; we got stories about whether Gore was changing his wardrobe to include more earthy tones.

We didn't get analysis on the inept performance of George Bush in the debates, we got a 'sigh count' for Al Gore.

Over the months - it mushroomed into all sorts of nonsense.  Gore was corrupt.  Gore was a serial exaggerator.  Gore invented the internet.

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GE Strategy: Location of "Vote for Change" Ralleys

Few of us are privy to the Obama campaign's overarching strategy.  (At least few of us who are willing to share.)  So, I have spent some time reading the Obama Campaign's tea leaves.

As most of you know, on May 10, Obama launched "Vote for Change," a national voter registration drive with 101 events nationwide on the launch date.  While each state had at least one meeting site, many had more.  In this blog, I'll run a quick analysis of what we can learn from the locations of the rallies, looking for clues, albeit imperfect ones, about the likely Republican and Democratic veep selections, what is the expected impact of the third party candidates, and ultimately, what states are actually in play.  

To begin with a disclaimer: the number of events likely reflect a number of factors, not just campaign strategy.  I.e. favors to Superdelegates, amount of registration work that has already been completed, down ticket priorities, etc.  The events, however, do provide a very rough, but fun, estimate of where the campaign is directing its attack.

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The Democratic Infomercial

From here on out in the Democratic Presidential primary, what I would like to see is the political equivalent of an ongoing infomercial. There is no reason for the Clinton campaign to go along with it, particularly, since it benefits only the Democratic Party and not her personally.

But, in my fantasy world, I envision a scenario where Clinton plays "devil's advocate," raising Republican policy arguments, framed in a way that makes them look slightly ridiculous and then Obama responds in a way that makes them look entirely ridiculous.

In addition, this continued talk about Florida and Michigan morphs into a resolution that doesn't lead to a destructive convention fight, but rather shows the two states that the Democrats care about them, thought they were important, and reached a compromise that included their delegates.

Basically, the two campaigns would conspire to retain the organizational and media benefits of an ongoing primary, exciting Democrats in the remaining states and depriving McCain of any media oxygen, without further bloodying each other up in any serious way.  

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Peek into the mind of a GOP strategist

Eventually MyDD will shift gears to battle John McCain. I throw this diary out there to remind everyone that the GOP is preparing their strategery NOW.

Some GOP strategists are not that optimistic about McCain's chances in November. In fact . . . it seems that some MyDDers are more confident of McCain's chances if their favorite candidate loses the nomination.

Here is a peek into the thoughts of one of those concerned GOP operatives, Steve Lombardo:

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Mea Culpa of an Obama supporter

Let me get something out of the way so there will be no confusion. I have been a supporter of Senator Obama since his speech in 2004 at the Democratic Convention. I wished and hoped that he would run and he did, and I jumped wholeheartedly on the bandwagon. I organized fund-raising parties for him, organized phone call parties, canvassed for him, worked the phones and I even cut my Christmas vacation short with my 2 beautiful kids to be in Iowa for the final push.

I am not a young college kid anymore and I have worked in electoral campaign before. I am not also naïve or a novice about politics or politicians, and I am well aware that campaigns are cutthroat organizations. However, I have to admit that this campaign has excited me more than the past ones. The early rhetoric of Senator Obama indicated that he might be, could be different; that he would present a break from the past. Finally, I said to myself, a politician that is so fresh that as a country we could start a new page together. However, for the last month or so, there have been things, actions and statements, from the campaign and from Senator Obama, which made me very uncomfortable to the degree of being ashamed.

I have never thought about Senator Clinton as this evil politician that my fellow Obama supporters have depicted her to be. It is fair to say that the harshness that some of Obama supporters, aided in one way or another by the complicit and bizarre silence of Senator Obama campaign, has been short of despicable and republican-like.

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