Which State Parties Should I Give To?

I am getting ready to open my wallet up in a big way. I have been consistently giving to the Obama campaign, DSCC, DCCC and various candidates, but I think I should perhaps put some down on state party efforts as well. So I want to use this diary to take a quick survey to see which states' Democratic organizations would make the most efficient use of funds. I am considering the following states:

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50 State Strategy: Leges Too!

I see that, for the US House,  Dems have so far failed to field a candidate in only two districts for which filing has closed, and folks here and elsewhere in the lefty 'sphere are monitoring states as they roll towards their final filing dates.

Of course, this is great, and hats off to all concerned.

But I wonder whether the same ought not to be being done by someone for races for the various state lege seats that are up this year.

The potential benefits are several:

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