Dear John ( Open Letter To Senator John Edwards )

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John Edwards,

I would like to share a link with you that quotes some statements you made in Iowa. I would like for you to first, verify, whether or not you made these comments as I know how easily the MSM can misquote a Democratic Candidate. Next, if you did make these comments, I am asking you to clarify what you meant by them and either confirm or deny that you meant them exactly as they were perceived by the commenter's who responded to the story. I look forward to some type of statement. I do not believe that you will remain silent in responding because , as you have stated before, "silence is betrayal". So, please take a look at the link. I will refrain from adding my two cents untill after YOU, not Tracy, not Mudcat, not your supporters, but YOU clarify these comments.

Thank you,

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Blog Against Sexism Day 2007 - Highlights

Anyone seen any excellent posts in honor of Blog Against Sexism Day (aka International Women's Day)?    The point is for blogs that are not normally focused on feminist issues to spend one day attending to women, sexism, and gender issues.  Haven't seen anything yet on Kos and MyDD so here goes.

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No, We Cannot "Just Stop Talking About Color, Gender".

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I am very pleased to see this discussion continuing about the need to make strides for gender and color justice in 2008.  So much so, that I have excerpted heavily from your diary and cited you at my Francis L. Holland Blog, where Blacks who feel excluded from the "whitosphere" go for information about the ongoing debate within the whitosphere over equality.

Silence always favors the status quo.  I am certain that the time has come to name and end 43-consecutive term white male monopoly of the American Presidency.  

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"Racist" and Sexist Thought Patterns Perpetuate White Male Supremacy

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 It is "racist" and sexist to insist that a decision not to vote for a white male in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries compels us to vote for Colin Powell or Ann Coulter in the 2008 Democratic Primaries.

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I never use the word "racism" because "race" does not exist between human beings.  As such, the concept of "race" is the most consequential biological concept we have that has no basis whatsoever in biology.  

Nevertheless, I'm going to use the word "racism" today, defined as (1) believing that race exists at all, and then (2) telling lies that perpetuate the disadvantage of people based on what one believes to be their "race", which in turn is based principally on skin color, national origin, language and culture.

Is there still "racism" and gender bias in America?  Forty-three consecutive white male presidencies don't happen randomly.  There is no way to throw the dice 43 times and have them come up "white" and "male" on every throw, 43 consecutive times.  But, if there is gender bias and "racism", then where is it, who does it, and how does it work? Today, I can partially answer that question.

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The "Dynasty" Argument is a Phallacy.

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Cross-posted at Most of America seems to agree with me about one thing:  It's time to seriously consider whether it's the liberal Democratic white woman or the liberal Democratic African-American man or the liberal Democratic Latino Governor of the state of New Mexico who should be the next President of the United States.  Or somebody else.  We have come a long way in our advocacy since the days when Jesse Jackson was called a "symbolic candidate" and "dark horse"!

At the time of the 2000 Census, whites were 75% of the US population (211 Million).  White males made up some 49% of that total, or around 35% of the overall population of the United States.  "By 2050, the fraction of our population between the ages of 18 and 64 that is non-Hispanic white males is expected to drop from approximately 35 percent to 26 percent." 05/may11/vantage-051105.html

Certainly, with only a 35% white male population now, and only a 26% white male population later, America cannot continue to be governed indefinitely and exclusively by white male presidents and vice presidents. r01-4.pdf rh/NC-EST2005-asrh.html It didn't work in South Africa and it's not going to work here. theid.htm

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