Imagine If This Were Your Daughter:

From "Chelsea Clinton Talks Policy in Obama Territory,"New York Times, February 16, 2008:

Ms. Clinton has been confronted with signs bearing messages like "America deserves better than aristocracy" and "Got Pimp?" a reference to a recent remark by a now-suspended MSNBC host who claimed that Mrs. Clinton was exploiting her daughter.

To those of us who dare oppose Barack Obama, it's not a surprise, sadly.  The incredibly nasty, immature attacks against us are a daily occurrence, all day every day.  But this is despicable behavior towards a very bright young, highly knowledgeable woman who is campaigning her heart out for her mother.

For more background on the source of the PIMP remarks -- which emanated from the nasty mouth of David Schuster on MSNBC, who was suspended for two weeks (he deserves more punishment) -- see these articles at NoQuarter blog:

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Sexism as the Last Acceptable Predjudice

"Iron my Shirt!" reads the sign held by an attendee of one of Hillary Clinton's campaign rallies.  Hillary responds by saying that sexism is alive and well, and she of all people should know.  Over the years, she has become the object of much scorn and contempt as well as the symbol of the ambivalence of the role of women in powerful positions traditionally reserved for men. The incident was barely mentioned in the mainstream media, which has been an active participant in the blatantly sexist and derogatory comments made toward Clinton. Imagine if a sign reading "Shine My Shoes" was held up at an Obama rally.  It would be the subject of every newscast for days on end with commentary on the horror and shame of it.  The mainstream media including late night comedy has been careful not to levy racial slurs or jokes against Obama.  They instead seem to tread lightly on this candidate so as not to have any appearance of racial motivations or prejudices. Sexist jokes are not only common, but considered acceptable. They have single-handedly created the polarization they claim Hillary represents. She has been the woman they "love to hate".

Hillary Clinton not only has to convey and debate her policy positions, but also has to endure constant assessments of her clothing and hairstyles. Both the left and the right simultaneously dissect her as cold and calculating or too emotional, as a war hawk or weak on terror, she "cackles", coughs incorrectly, or is castrating (ala Tucker Carlson), not feminine enough or too feminine to hold power. She epitomizes the ambivalence that our society still has over women who aspire to powerful positions. Trailblazing women have always sacrificed for the future benefit of all women, many giving their lives and their blood. Fortunately, Hillary doesn't have to sacrifice her life but her soul is taking much abuse. I believe she is tough enough not only to endure this demonizing but also to become a stronger woman with solid character and therefore a more formidable candidate.    

Black men have historically won rights before women.  Abolition predated the suffrage movement; the suffragists suspended their efforts to work on behalf of abolition.  Black men were therefore enfranchised before women, the women's movement was a result of the civil rights movement, there is still no equal rights amendment, and black men earn more than women doing the same job. A woman with a resume as thin as Obama's could never aspire to presidential heights no matter her platitudes, rhetoric or oratory skills. Women have been central in all of the equality movements in history from abolition to the civil rights movement.  It wasn't until the notion of civil rights had taken effect that they began to realize their own lack of equality and demanded equal rights for themselves. Not content just to keep making the coffee, the women's movement was born.  

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Original sin

As a retired educator, I applaud all steps to push back against overt or subtle racism. However, what is distressing in the current   democratic campaign is the complete lack of push back regarding sexism at every turn in the media. Hillary is guilty of the original sin: she was born female. The ugly daily slurs at MSNBC from the testosterone central frat boys led by Chris Matthews seem to be accepted by men and women of good will. Hence the deafening silence! When one of the "boys" is called to account, Shuster, Barbara Walters leaps to his defense! You see, even she can't forgive Hillary's great sin: she was born a women. Regardless of Hillary's blazing talents and her desire to set a positive agenda for health care, the economy, the environment, affordable education, she is dismissed by the talking heads. Even the Barbara Walters of the world. Hillary is merely a woman you know.

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David Shuster Makes Good With Hillary (with Video Snark)

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Last week, the otherwise excellent reporter, David Shuster was substitute hosting the always obnoxious Tuckers! show on MSNBC and made a very unfortunate comment about the Clintons "pimping out their daughter, Chelsea."

The 40ish Shuster argued forcefully in his own defense, cleverly disquised as an apology, that no insult to Chelsea's virtue was intended, but that he was merely employing a modern, if crude choice of words to make a larger point.  

Whether that point is that the Clintons have added prostitution to their evil arsenal of dirty tricks, is still open to debate.

Speaking of "dirty tricks," one has to wonder just what the standards for customer's hygiene would be for a First Lady-cum-Madame or a Former President-cum-Pimp.

Oooohhh.  That was a low blow, wasn't it?

Speaking of "low blows," are we now compelled to speculate on their prices?

A possible "Happy Ending" after the flip.

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FUMSNBC: Boycott Power of the Purse (UPDATED)

Normally I read diaries here and I make a comment or two, rec a few up, and get on with my day.  No big deal.  I move on and never think twice.

But today's different.

I just read a diary that really got to me.  And to quote a line from an old movie called Network, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

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