The Only Politician Obama May Personally Get Elected Isn't Even A Dem. How Obama's Choice Is Screwing Rhode Island Democrats.

When does the head of the Democratic Party refuse to endorse the Democratic nominee in the MOST Democratic state in the union.

In the age of Obama it seems.

Obama's Press secretary said that Obama was not endorsing the Democratic nominee for governor of Rhode island because Obama and former Republican Senator Chaffee, who now has taken the lead in the polls since Obama's visit to R.I., were "friends."


Let us remember that in 2006, Caprio, the endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party, was elected General Treasurer of Rhode Island, receiving 73% of the vote. He won by a larger margin than any candidate for a contested statewide office in Rhode Island that year.

Very simply, in 2010, Frank Caprio IS the Democratic Party's choice to be the Ocean state's next Governor.

ALL of the coverage about how Obama very publicly chose not to endorse Democrat Frank Caprio, our candidate for Governor and the currently RI's Democratic Treasurer, in Rhode island has been about the "shove it" comment.  I have only seen two people in the ENTIRE media mix (thank you google) even mention how unprecedented it is for the titular head of a political party to help elect someone NOT in his own Party.  (Thats taught on day one of Party politics 101 for you people new to politics)

It is unforgivable to every Democrat who cares about his country and his Party that the head of our Party made a big public thumbing of his nose at our Democratic nominee for Governor of Rhode Island.

Making such a public show has very possibly killed our chances of winning there. That was to be expected and sadly, it was intended to do just that.

Proof of this is David Axelrod press statements that added fuel to the fire, further damaging Democratic chances to win.

White House senior advisor David Axelrod said Demcratic gubernatorial candidate Caprio sought the same presidential endorsement he told Barack Obama to "shove."

The Caprio camp was blindsided to see the front page of Monday’s Providence Journal carrying a banner headline about the White House telling reporters Obama would not endorse the Democratic nominee out of respect for Chafee.

“The issue for us was not around his decision not to endorse – the issue for us is more the way the White House handled the situation,” Cario spokesman said.

By speaking to the press without contacting the Caprio campaign first, the White House “basically dropped on us” a negative story amid a high-profile Obama visit in the midst of a tight three-way race for governor.

When Obama came to R.I. he actually held the DCCC fundraiser (which was the purported reason for the trip) at the home of a major supporter of former Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee's and pointedly said he wasn't endorsing the Democratic nominee.

Not good form coming to the state and then embarrasing and then Kicking your Party's own Candidate Under the Bus. Is that any way to build Party loyalty in a election where so many good Democrats are threatened with losing their seats?  I think not and I think many will remember this when Obama in the future asks endangered Dems for support or a favor.

What gives Obama the right to undercut and destroy the electoral chances of his own Party.

As President Obama IS the head of the Democratic Party, not the Barack Obama Party.

The message he sent:

"It doesn't matter if you vote for the Democrat in the race.  I don't care."

I would say that Caprio's response validate's Obama's decision completely.

What Obama did in Rhode Island was shocking, outrageous and unprecedented.  Ive never heard of anything like this happening before, its troubling and it leaves a lot of Rhode Island democrats out in the cold in a very terrible situation. This is a close three way race and President Obama's act can easily swing the liberal vote up there by this and cause the Democrats to lose the Governor's mansion.

The Executive Director of The Democratic Governors Association agrees:

"This is disappointing. Frank Caprio has spent his career fighting for the values of the Democratic Party, and I think he deserves the full support of our party and its leaders. While this might not be what the White House intended, the president’s refusal to endorse a fellow Democrat in the worst environment since 1994 sends a bad message to everyone who’s working to get Democrats elected this year."


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