Is Obama Safe?

     I happened to stop by and see my folks this weekend as is usually my custom and it is amazing how the conversation has changed in the last month. Originally we discussed the remote possibility of Senator Obama getting elected, then whether his agenda included black issues and would whites vote for him, and now as he is continuing to win a much more ominous question is being discussed. I wish I could say these conversations were only limited to my parents, but unfortunately they aren't. The question and concern starting to arise among many blacks in America and maybe worldwide is the safety of Barack Obama.

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Security First: What Others Say

There seems to be some interest in my new book Security First; frankly it is doing better than several of my other endeavors. But never mind what I think. Here are excerpts from what others say, and links to their full texts.

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Barack O'Reagan's Precondition Flip-Flop

In his ongoing efforts to promote himself as the Ronald Reagan of the left, Barack O'Reagan seems confused as to where he stands with regards to the issue of preconditions.

In an interview with the Miami Herald the day before the YouTube-CNN debate, Barack O'Reagan said he'd meet with Chavez, but only "under certain conditions".

Taylor Marsh has the details .php?id=25974

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Iraq is Coming Apart as Moms and Wives Wait, Hope and Pray

Today Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki shrugged off U.S. doubts of his government's military and political progress on Saturday, saying Iraqi forces are capable and American troops can leave "any time they want." The Gulf between Iraq's Government and its American steering committee, headed by President G.W. Bush, is widening. The death and the chaos is having its effect on the occupied, as well as on the occupiers.  The U.S. patience with the Iraqi government's slow progress or lack of any progress at all, has grown thin and the Iraqi patience with the occupying American and British forces has seemingly come to an end as well.

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Discussion of Civil Servant / National Guard Proposal

31 May, 2007

National Security IS something that Joe Serra is determined to discuss. Joe Serra thinks we need to bring a FORM of the draft back. He wants young adults between the ages of 18 & 25 to be able to be trained for civil service for one year and then begin college or join the military or go to work in whatever field they endevor. They are in a National guard type of arrangement for several years and remain eligible for military service for several more years.

We are not secure. Our Military has been abused, we really do have a hard time enticing young men and women into service and it's not a bottomless supply of soldiers. We need to be ready for anything in today's world and Joe thinks this is the absolute best way to quickly increase our security. Joe is running on this. I tell you what, I hate the thought of a draft because I have a son who is 18, but I agree with Joe Serra that we need to take a VERY serious look at this option.

Joe has been in touch with Congressman Charlie Rangel's office who supports Joe's efforts.

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