Israel will strike Iran Oct 29,2006

  We ended work early Friday for Easter and I stopped in at the corner for a glass of wine. As a few more people trickled in, the conversation went from local school disasters (tear down six schools to build back four new ones in different places at five times the cost of rebuilding the six old ones) to Iran.   After the normal banter about peace, demanding 65% of all school money be spent in the class room, diplomatic threat, international sanctions, Congi dazzle, Bush button pushing, Cheney taking his shotgun to Ahmadinejad, and Rumsfeld being forced out, the consensus of most  was that the US will do very little to stop or alter Iran's desire for nuclear arms. Everyone is pretty sure that Bush can't get the support to start a fight with Iran and no one thinks that Russia and China will allow the UN to do anything but bluster and fume. Of all the talk only one person raised the hair on the back of my neck.  

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