A Brand New Katherine Harris Scandal

The first light shed on a developing Katherine Harris scandal arrived via Wayne Madsen Report this morning.

Katherine was the Florida secretary of state who stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. She "went on" to become a Florida Panhandle US Congresswoman, and now is running for a Florida US Senate seat.

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Making sense of the Republican scandals

Bumped - Matt

There is a lot of talk these days about how to best clean up Washington.  The answer seems obvious - make a very public example of those who have broken the law, showing that even powerful players in Washington are not above the law.  Our message to the American people should be a simple one - we will do whatever it takes to find the lawbreakers who have betrayed the public trust and bring them to justice.   We should put the bad guys in jail.  

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NV-St.Sen: Explosive audio of possible bribe

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Something in the water must be affecting Republican primaries in Nevada. Hot on the heels of the “chickens for checkups” incident roiling the U.S. Senate race, an incumbent State Senator has been caught on tape allegedly offering to bribe the parents of a rape victim in an effort to protect the man who was convicted in the case:

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