So a candidate walks into a bar...

Anybody else remember the good old days when Democrats were enjoying the primaries and had a sense of humor about the candidates?  Anybody?  Bueller...Bueller?

I hereby proclaim this thread off limits to all infighting, outrage, scandals, words ending in "gate", people with sticks where the sun don't shine, and Ronald Reagan.  This diary is intended to be a much needed infusion of humor and well as a chance to rack up some mojo.

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Hillary Clinton's Will Get the Troops Home- Personally

This newspaper article fell out of a time hole and plopped onto my desk. It's a very telling testament to what a Hillary Clinton presidency would entail... Obama supporters, take note, because you may just reconsider your position!

BAGHDAD- As the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division began its ground assault on Al-Qaeda insurgents in the Baghdad area Monday, President Clinton marched alongside the front-line soldiers, bravely putting her own life on the line for her country by personally participating in the attack.

"Clinton is the real deal, and when she talks about fighting for freedom, she means it," said Pvt. Tom Scharpling, 21. "She'd never ask one of us grunts to take any risks for our country that she wasn't willing to take himself."

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We Gave Him To A Nice Farm Family

Now, I know some of the people around here are concerned about Fleaflicker not being a part of our community anymore. But I wanted to tell you, you have no reason to worry! It's all going to be okay.

But we need to have a very sincere talk.

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I'm F_cking Obama (Satire)

This is hilarious for anyone involved with this Democratic primary race. Probably NSFW. ama


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The important news that happened today

Redacted until I return


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