Only Terrorists Support a Living Wage: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wal-Mart

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My friends at Wake-Up Wal-Mart and I have seen something remarkable:

In what we might presume to be the most bone-headed, most egregious iteration yet of the right-wing media's effort to convince <del>us all</del> itself that Wal-Mart = America, and that those who fault the company are in fact terrist sympathizers who no doubt also hate baseball and apple pie, this weekend the New York Post provided us with a nearly three thousand-word manifesto on Wal-Mart's unassailable decency, penned by intrepid regurgitator Charles Platt.

Memeorandum featured it, some right-wing blogs slobbered over it, and Sadly, No! decisively slapped it.

But surely I'm being hyperbolic here! I mean, we have differences of opinion in this country, but it's not like anyone's comparing workers' rights advocates to the Taliban. Right?

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Al Qaeda Leadership Gather For Secret Meeting. "EFCA is The Great Satan!"

"The only good union is a dead union!" Osama bin Laden stated in prepared remarks today.

DATELINE MUSCAT, OMAN: Another shocking revelation of anti-Union plotting and scheming today, but this time it was not CEO's of TARP Bailout recipient banks.  The attendees?  Senior Al Qaeda management, including Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and over two dozen more senior managers.  It marked a historic first time for so many senior managers from Al Qaeda to be in one place at the same time. Under normal circumstances and for security reasons, Al Qaeda leaders are not allowed within 50 miles of each other but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Satire: PA poll gives McCain 2 point lead

SUNBURY, PA -- Mikey's House of Polling announced the result of a presidential poll conducted on November 2nd from the hours of 11:45am to 12:36pm in the waiting area of car repair shop run by Mikey's brother Dave.  The results are as follows:

If you were voting today in that election thing, who would you be voting for?

Analysis: Blue-collar voters appear to be swinging behind McCain, and the number of undecided voters remain large in this poll.  McCain is nearing the 50% mark while Obama seems to have slipped in recent polling.  While McCain voters include a large percentage of "persuadables", this trend appears to show McCain's investment in the Keystone State to be providing vast dividends.  Obama continues to hold sway over the African-American voter consulted in this survey.

Reaction was swift and immediate across the campaign, media, and online worlds.

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McGhosts and Ogoblins

There are a lot of things that are scary this Halloween. In this biting satire, Rosemary and Walter Brasch look at the political candidates and their trek through America to get the goodies.

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That Sexist B-tch!

From Steve Benen s/individual/2008_09/014731.php

Sorry for using the B-word, but after Carly Fiorina's thoughts on the SNL sketch I am full of righteous rage at The Man.  And in this case The Man is Tina Fey.  Tina Fey is a totally Sexist B-tch!  And Amy Pohler is a Sexist B-tch!  And, depending just what Carly is getting at here, there's a chance she's including Hillary in the Axis of Sexism.  The only non-Sexist of the lot seems to be the Shining Star, Sarah.  

"[T]he portrait [on "SNL"] was very dismissive of the substance of Sarah Palin, and so, in that sense, they were defining Hillary Clinton as very substantive and Sarah Palin as totally superficial," Fiorina argued. "I think that continues the line of argument that is disrespectful in the extreme and yes, I would say, sexist, in the sense that just because Sarah Palin has different views than Hillary Clinton does not mean that she lacks substance."

On the bright side it's good to see the Republicans suddenly know that there is something called sexism.

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