Official Launch of WEST WINGERS on

Announcing the debut of WEST WINGERS on!

Two episodes are up now, with more on the way every other week. This week's episode: Wiretapping.

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Watch this political satrire

Check out for the new political satire on the Bush White House, WEST WINGERS.

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Here's the preview for WEST WINGERS, the new political satire podcast on

White House Message

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Why I no longer support Feingold -- the divorce.

After further review and agonizing soul-searching (which explains why I didn't write a diary yesterday), I have decided that I can no longer support Russ Feingold for President. I am well and truly beaten. I did not realize that a twice-divorced candidate would be such a big liability. I fear that it would be such a great liability that we would be beaten even worse than McGovern and Mondale did.

As much as we might agree with Feingold 100% on the issues, he is simply not electable. People want a candidate who represents America, and they would always go for the man who best represents their ideals. This includes having a traditional family. After all, if a man can't run his family, then how can he run this country?

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Crashing the Gate: The Motion Picture

From the diaries. I sitll say Markos looks more like Anton Apollo Ono than anyone else--Chris

For some reason, I've got the movies on my mind. And it's clear that in spite of diminishing box office, the movies are "where it's at". Nobody reads anymore - you can tell that by the way Americans vote: so if it didn't happen on the big screen, it didn't happen, baby.

So, given the recent hubbub on this site about the publication of this "Crashing the Gate" book, it's clear we need to get it on film. I thought I'd donate my services as a casting agent, which I have extensive experience in based on participating in numerous internet newsgroups devoted to Neil Gaiman graphic novels. First of all, realize that the movies are all about exaggeration. It's all larger than life. It's all about "truthiness".

So when real life presents us with this...

... the movies will serve up this:

Embrace it.

My casting selections below (accompanied by pictures of the victims... I mean honorees).

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