NC-11: WNCNN Season Finale - "Loser"

It's a bittersweet time for us here at WNCNN headquarters, as we have just wrapped production on our first season over the weekend. We are proud, and just a little misty, to present our Season Finale of God Fearin' News!

In this episode, Sally Love talks to an overly amorous political science professor with an interesting theory about the future of representative democracy, Nancy Pelosi visits the 11th District and reminds us once again that she's from California, a surprise dark-horse third-party candidate enters the Congressional race, and WNCNN gets ready for the big time as word gets out that they've been purchased by a major corporation!

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NC-11: WNCNN Episode 5 - "Our Vanishing Mountain Values"

WNCNN returns with its fifth episode of God Fearin' News!

In this episode our crack news team explores what has become a salient issue late in the election cycle: our vanishing mountain values. Roving reporter Sally Love is on the scene at a recent Immigration Town Hall Meeting, and gets an interview with Kristopher Kampbell Kline, the Imperial Grand Super Wizard of the 988th White District of the United States of White America; Crush fetishism is explained and demonstrated, and our own Mad Miss Maddie returns with a word or two about CAFTA.

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NC-11: WNCNN Episode 4 - "Desperation"

After a one-week "mid-season hiatus" where the boys in the editing room decided to put together a Hal Needham-style "blooper reel" rather than assemble an entire episode (the evidence of which can be seen here), WNCNN, Western North Carolina's source for God Fearin' News is back with their fourth episode!

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NC-11: WNCNN Episode 3, "Shiny Happy Charlie"

WNCNN is proud to bring you our third episode, "Shiny Happy Charlie", where our dedicated news team attempts to bring balanced reporting to the network by revealing the brighter, happier side of Congressman Taylor.

Do they get results? Most definitely.

Do they succeed? Well...

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(NC-11) Presenting WNCNN, Episode 2

WNCNN is proud to announce the premiere of their second episode, wherein we find our intrepid reporters Johnny Joe Rockslide and Sally Love invading the seamy heart of the 11th District. We learn the real differences between elephants and donkeys, why Democrats go to hell, and we see a certain politico of national note paying tribute to classic British comedy.

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