[UPDATE] Despicable Clintons Fix Rezko Arrest By Federal Agents To Diminish Kennedy Endorsement!

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By Martin Lewis

Federal agents loyal to Bill & Hillary Clinton today staged a dawn swoop to arrest Barack Obama's friend Antoin "Tony" Rezko in a blatant attempt to damage and dilute media coverage of the Kennedy-Obama endorsement.

Instigating this flagrant abuse of power by federal agents to
arrest a man who Barack Obama has been close friends with for only 18 years -- and who has donated only $170,000 to Obama's campaigns -- is yet another example of the disgusting "do-anything-to-win" tactics of the shameless Clintons.

Asked about the man who is facing trumped-up charges of extortion, money laundering and fraud -- brought by Patrick Fitzgerald (a shady prosecutor who previously framed Irv "Scooter" Libby) -- Obama has quite rightly refused to mention Rezko by name. Instead he refers to the man who he had previously described as his "political godfather" simply as "This Individual"...

The Administrator here deleted this before because he said that I didn't' identify it as satire and it "confused some readers".  

Eh, that was the point!

What kind of "fairytale" are we living in when ANY statement or move by the Clintons or their campaign is spun by the media, Obama, his campaign, surrogates or supporters to absolutely condemn, to a horrendous degree, the morals and motives of our last Democratic President and our next?

I saw comments suggesting just such a lunacy as this satire spoofs today at both Kos and at Politco. Madness.

The Obama campaign and its netroot supporters have become an absolute "echo chamber" for the Clinton haters in the media village "echo chamber".  You know those people in the MSM we were supposedly fighting since they slimed Gore and elected Bush in 2000 and then pushed us into wars in 2002 and 2003.  Remember them? Remember that?

To those in the media and not who are lying about the morals and motives of the Clintons, I repeat what President Clinton had the guts to say to an unfair and false media.  Shame on you...shame on you!

I'd say more, but I'm sure that would be deleted too.

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Obama ad on Drudge; Huckabee ad on MyDD; Vast Conspiracy Afoot!

A shocking story has just broken through the blogosphere: an Obama advertisement appeared on the Drudge Report!

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BREAKING: I'm Smarter Than You And I'm A Better Democrat

Have you been wondering why my candidate has been doing better in every accurate poll (the others don't count)? It's because I'm smarter than you are, and I'm a better Democrat. I'm never, ever, ever going to vote for your candidate. Why? Because I'm right, you jackass, and you're wrong.

I just saw on Drudge that your candidate hits puppies with hammers. It's true. It's on Drudge. Where there's smoke, there's often fire. And not only is it true, but it's absolutely fair for me to cite it as evidence against your candidate, even after it's been discredited. And not only are you wrong to be supporting your candidate, but you're obviously a deeply flawed person for doing so. It's too bad everyone can't be in every way perfect, like me. If you disagree with me, you're just a my-candidate-hater. I hate people who hate so much. I also can't stand the fact that this entire blog is biased against me and my candidate.

But that's not all. I hate your candidate, and frankly, I hate you, too. You're a fucking Naderite, and a tool of the establishment, bought and paid for by special interest money that's being funneled into your candidate's campaign. You're a troll paid for by some hedgefund, probably financed by your candidate's racist, sexist, Rupert Murdoch-worshiping friends. That means you're off your medication and you're probably going to kill people. Yep. I said it, so it must be true. You're a liar and loser. And you're a Naderite, you leftist scum.

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Gore Wins Nobel Prize - Bush Moves To Steal It!

Moments after the Nobel Peace Prize committee turned its sights on the battle against global warming by bestowing the 2007 award upon former US vice president Al Gore, George W. Bush moved in to steal it.

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Good Bye "MC Rove"

As you all may know , KKKarl Rove has resigned and will be leaving the White House at the end of this month. Although the reason given is the typical , " Spend Time With The Family", the true motive has yet to be revealed. Here is a look back on Karl Roves greatest achievements. He will not be missed.


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