Clinton Campaign Manager was Director for Subprime Lender

Guys, this is the proof that Clinton is unelectable. Totally!

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In Strategy Shift: Obama to Throw "Kitchen Sink" at Himself

Today in an effort to undermine one of his central campaign themes, "a different kind of politics", a key foreign policy aide to Barack Obama, called Hillary Clinton a "monster".

The "kitchen sink" strategy began surfacing last week, when conversations between Canadian officials and Austan Goolsbee, Obama's senior economic advisor, came to light.  It was portrayed by the media as an "unforced error" on NAFTA.  Soon after reports of the conversations, Obama quickly unleashed a series of lies about whether those conversations occurred.

Perhaps the sharpest attack on himself occurred just yesterday, when Susan Rice, a senior Obama foreign policy advisor, said Sen. Obama was not ready for "3 a.m." phone call.  

In an effort to step up the attacks on himself this week, Sen. Obama has publicly called out Lorne Michaels, satirist, and Obama has vowed to have a conversation with Tina Fey.  Sources inside the Obama campaign confirm that he "meant it."

Later today, Michelle Obama is scheduled to host a "Proud to be an American" rally.

More as this story continues to break...  

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Life at Labor Ready pt 1: Day laborers weigh in on the election

This morning, I learned some interesting things about the election from the guys waiting for work at Labor Ready on Pratt Street in Baltimore this morning.

I have been gathering some initial data on research I plan to do on the day labor market, looking at policy strategies for supporting workers in this market and fostering upward mobility. Perhaps this is a pulse some of the other wonky types out there - those who are too afraid to get their hands dirty or are to scared of working class people - should put their finger on.

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Vote for Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you ever want to have your cake and eat it too?


Did you ever want a pizza without anchovies, but with anchovies?


Did you ever want universal health care, but also hope that you will be one of the 15,000,000 who will not get it?


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Do We Really Want Another Black President After The Events Of Deep Impact?


...What I am saying is that under the watch of a black man that comet destroyed the entire Eastern seaboard. So, if history is any indicator, a vote for Barack Obama in 2008 is essentially a vote for the complete and total obliteration of the human race.

I guess I'm just sick of the harsh back and forth that is happening between progressive bloggers on this and other sites.  

(I also hope no one takes me seriously with this diary!)

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