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New York Governor has instructed state officials to recognize same sex marriages done in states/countries (MA, CA, Canada) where it is legal.

The governor's legal counsel told state agencies in a May 14 memo to revise policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in California and Massachusetts as well as Canada and other countries that allow gays and lesbians to marry, said Erin Duggan, the governor's spokeswoman.

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The right's Ralph Nader?

MooreIn an earlier post, I wondered whether John McCain might shift his stance on same-sex marriage to attract support from social conservatives.

I would like to discuss another possibility: does the California ruling create an opening for a socially conservative third-party presidential candidate?

In 2003, Roy Moore, then chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, gained national attention for his refusal to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama courthouse. Because of his actions, Moore was removed from office and, according to the Associated Press, "became a hero to the Christian right."

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Meet Gerry Cardinale: New Jersey's Mitch McConnell

By Stephen Yellin

A few days ago, I introduced you all to New Jersey's 39th Legislative District, and why it matters to New Jersey and the country at large in 2007. You can read the article at 59/993 . Today, I want to start tackling the opposition; for, even though NJ-39 has moved leftward, the incumbents have stayed on the far-right of the political spectrum. And that is especially true of Gerald "Gerry" Cardinale, the district's State Senator since 1981. In many ways, Cardinale is a New Jersey version of Mitch McConnell; arrogant, divisive, out of touch with political and social changes and blindly loyal to the special interests who back his campaigns. Cardinale's platform and values better echo 1907 than 2007, and today I'm going to show you why.

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Not a good thing for Dems

Harold Ford was being attacked in TN for supporting the NJ gay rights decision, and said what he needed to defend himself and be in a position to win. Gay rights activists might not like it, but there is not a single issue that takes precedent to the Democrats winning back a majority in the US Senate this year. Larry Sabato is right (from Scott Rasmussen):

New Jersey's State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that committed same-sex couples must be granted the same legal rights as married couples. The Court gave the state legislature 180-days to come up with a solution. Some state legislators are now introducing same-sex marriage legislation while another is seeking to impeach the Justices for inserting their own opinions rather than interpreting the law.

Obviously, same-sex marriage is not going to replace the War in Iraq as the top issue of Election 2006. It's not going to swing a solid Democratic year to a GOP celebration. But, it could influence key races and boost the GOP hopes of retaining control in Congress.

In Tennessee, a state where Republican Bob Corker has struggled to motivate his base, 80% of voters believe marriage should be defined only in terms of a man and a woman. In Montana, another state with a troubled GOP incumbent, the traditional definition of marriage is favored by a 65% to 29% margin.  (see state-by-state numbers). Even in New Jersey, one of the most reliably Democratic states, most voters (52%) favor defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Nationally, the issue of same-sex marriage divides pro-choice voters. Larry Sabato summed up the potential impact by saying "The state high court's decision to mandate the legislature to pass full legal rights to New Jersey's same-sex couples could not have come at a worse time for Democrats all across the country."

Now, I don't buy that gay marriage is going to matter all that much in the election this cycle. The only way it would is if Harold Ford or Jon Tester, when attacked on it, demurred or advocated for it, because then they'd lose.

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Same-sex marriage on PoliticsTV

(Cross posted from Daily Kos.  We just launched the PoliticsTV blog last week.)

The crew at PoliticsTV has spent the past week focusing on issues related to the federal marriage amendment [FYI: Bush's big Federal Marriage Amendment press conference is coming up at 1:45pm ET / 10:45am PT today].  Gay bloggers John Aravosis of, Addie Stan of and Terrance Heath of Republic of T all came by PoliticsTV's DC studios over the past few days to share thoughts and rants.

Check out highlights from below the fold.

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