Making the case for World War III.

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Our Forward Thinking Foreign Policy


Brusquely dismissing protests by Russian officials, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said here on Thursday that a missile-defense system the United States plans to install in Poland and the Czech Republic would pose no danger to the security of Russia.

"The idea that somehow 10 interceptors and a few radars in Eastern Europe are going to threaten the Soviet strategic deterrent is purely ludicrous, and everybody knows it," Ms. Rice said before a meeting of NATO foreign ministers expected to focus on the missile-defense dispute.

"The Russians have thousands of warheads," Ms. Rice said. "The idea that you can somehow stop the Soviet strategic nuclear deterrent with a few interceptors just doesn't make sense."

Make it stop.

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Russian Intelligence Sees American Military Buildup

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An article from Novosti, the Russian News and Information Agency details information from Russian Intelligence warns of American military buildup in preparation for a conflict with Iran.

The capture of British military personnel, supposedly from Iraqi waters, is bound to set off a massive crisis in the region beyond what we are seeing with the insurgency in Iraq.

The full article is below the fold.(I don't know if its okay to post it or not, but its Russian so I figure its good to go).

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Is The USA The New Soviet Union?

Putin has been troubling me for some time. I was not sure how I would or should react to Putin taking power in Russia.

We have all been so distracted by our own dictator wanna-be that we may be missing a much bigger story. That story begins with a question like this: "Are we, the USA, becoming the new Soviet Union"?

With gdub (George W. Bush) making the USA into the bully of the world, the country to be feared and not respected, we have become the "bad guy" in the world. With the stories that have been coming out with Putin basically calling the USA "bad and dangerous" how close are we, as a world and a nation, to reliving the cold war or worse?

From the BBC today:

Putin attacks 'very dangerous' US

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticised the United States for what he said was its "almost uncontained" use of force around the world.

"Mr Putin said the US overstepped its borders in every way"

more here: 7.stm

Putin's speech: Back to cold war?

"What is a uni-polar world? No matter how we beautify this term, it means one single centre of power, one single centre of force and one single master," he said.
"The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres - economic, political and humanitarian, and has imposed itself on other states," he said.

It was a formula that, he said, had led to disaster: "Local and regional wars did not get fewer, the number of people who died did not get less but increased. We see no kind of restraint - a hyper-inflated use of force."

The US has gone "from one conflict to another without achieving a fully-fledged solution to any of them", Mr Putin said.

more here: 7.stm

He is right... to a point...

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Vlog: Patriotism for something more than War

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On Friday I flew from Boston to Des Moines to vlog an Edwards speech in Waukee, Iowa. I'm quickly getting addicted to the thrill of citizen journalism. Edwards is known for his domestic policy orientation, but on this Friday night Edwards chose to focus his remarks on America's role in the world.

Edwards is clearly talking about how his anti-poverty crusade, based on a new sense of American patriotism and moral values, are an essential ingredient to our foreign policy. His thinking on American leadership in the world is inextricably linked to his strong belief in community, patriotism and morality that we need to demonstrate through our actions here at home and abroad.

Follow me below the fold for the video of Edwards and the interviews I did on a warm and breezy Friday night in a small Iowa town when all of us in the school gym were thinking about the world outside, far outside.

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