Comparing the Russia-Georgia and NATO-Serbia wars

A recent diary takes the left to task for not sharply enough attacking Russia's incursion into Georgia.  I would suggest that Russia's attack on Georgia is at least as defensible as the NATO attack on Serbia of 1999, which the left largely supported.

Consider the following:

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Stand up to the bully!

History offers up a few moments when the world is presented with a choice:  someone is committing a naked act of aggression on someone else, and we can choose to ignore it, or we can stand up to the bullying.

Ignoring the bullying is the preferred option ~ who wants to get involved in a messy situation with no end in sight.  Standing up to the bullying is the right (morally and strategically) option.

It is time to stand up to the Russian bullying in Georgia.

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(updated) Russian lullaby: the shame of the American left

I thought of letting this pass but after reading what is the prevailing wisdom of the modern American left I have to write this. The left has lost its way. It seems instead of facing tough choices the prevailing wisdom is to surrender.

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Obama, Georgia, NATO - Do you agree?

"Going forward, the United States and Europe must support the people of Georgia. Beyond immediate humanitarian assistance, we must provide economic assistance, and help rebuild what has been destroyed. I have consistently called for deepening relations between Georgia and transatlantic institutions, including a Membership Action Plan for NATO, and we must continue to press for that deeper relationship."

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Conflict in Georgia, August 11, 2008 /post/laurinmanning/gG5bh2

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The Child of Preemptive War

Yesterday my aunt in Arizona and I got into our usual squabble about politics and world events.  She's an nice woman, a retired nurse that sadly has drunk the kool-aid John Airbus McCain has put out.  Well today she sent me an email with the subject line "John McCain would handle Russia".  You can pretty much guess what the whole email was about.  At first I thought I would respond with highlight the usual deficiencies in neo-con foreign affairs.  Then it hit me, what's going between Georgia and Russia was indeed because of neo-conservative foreign policy!  

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