Murderers, Crazies and Loons: The World of Bill O

Today I heard Bill O'Reilly go ballistic when a Newsday article mentioned that a suspected murderer had a copy of the O'Reilly Factor in his house when the cops searched it. This he claims was slander. He sent one of his sycophants' to track down the writer of this article (Jenna Kern) that had "maligned" him and ambushed her in her driveway.

"Did you read the book?" He asked her.
"No, I did not read the book." She replied
"Then how do you know what the book says?" He asks her.

Well first of all, the content of the book had nothing to do with the charge of slander by Bill Bigmouth. I never read the book either, but if I were asked what kind of hateful things O'Reilly has said on the air, it wouldn't be a problem. Things like claiming that Newsday is a "far-left propaganda" vehicle. He also leveled the same claim at the Palm Beach Post when they failed to "investigate" O'Reilly's claim that Rep. Robert Wexler was really a resident of Maryland and not of Florida. Did it ever occur to O'Reilly that there are many politicians that own real-estate around DC?

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McManchurian and other consequences of electing an insane old man

Lets begin with the recognition that McManchurian spent several years as a "guest" of the Communists in our last war of choice. Lets also acknowledge that he has managed to insert himself into an international incident involving a Russia headed by a former KGB agent.

Anyone want to guess how thick McCains KGB file is? Care to guess how much of it comes from direct observation?

In any international showdown involving former Soviet actors and McManchurian, the other side is going to have an extensive psychological profile him derived from direct observation.  The upshot, somebody like Putin will be able to play him like a PSP.

It sounds like some sort of wingnut conspiracy claim but it's not.

I'm not saying that he has been programmed to hand the KGB the country or the icbm codes.  I am saying that for the first time in our history foreign agents will have an extensive and direct psychological profile of a potential POTUS.  

Does anyone else find that just the slightest bit unnerving?

And to add humor to my rantings McManchurian is not the original Maverick, this is the original Maverick:

and we all know what happened to him:


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Weak on national security: Fight the perception II (Georgia on my mind again)

This is the third installment of my diaries on the current Georgia-Russia crisis on which I think the leading Obama supporting leftist blogs are dead wrong.

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(UPDATED) Weak on national security: Fight the perception

I have written once before about how the American left is wrong in going out of its way to chastise Georgia while giving a free pass to Russia. The lead champion of this meme is still TPM and Josh Marshall. It is commentary like that which flies in the face of public opinion and people who have worked in the foreign services that brands the left as weak on national security and surrender monkeys.

(UPDATE) As I have written below, I had hoped Gen. Clark would get the VP nomination or at least be involved in foreign policy but as of right now he seems to have been DISINVITED from the Democratic convention by the Obama campaign!!

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In case of trouble

This diary is about the crisis in Georgia, and the US response.  This diary is not about Sen. McCain, or about Sen. Obama.. it is about Pres. Bush, and his response to the crisis.

I have advocated a gradual ratcheting up of pressure on the Russians to reverse their present course of action.  I have also stated that I support what Pres. Bush is trying to do, at least as I understand it.  This is not a time to be taking potshots at the sitting President... there will be plenty of opportunities to do that down the line.

I understand that my view is a minority opinion here, and I am okay with that.

Along those lines, I note with satisfaction that the US and Poland have just "crossed the rubicon" with respect to Missile Defence.  I am sure the timing of move, and the fact that such a move was made at all, is not a coincidence.

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