The Guano Bath

It's time to begin referring to the Republican Party by more accurate terminology. For example, as the White Nativist bloc of a former British colony. People who claim against all sense and reason that they're the only "real" representatives of their migrant-saturated current homeland, while glossing over both their cruelty and fear with a dreamy sentimentality.

That might sound harsh, but seems far more polite than pointing out that they've become the storm drain catchment for every batsh_t, nihilistic bigot left orphan by the dissolution of the American Independent Party.

Given that, one thing was certain as far back as the point in the Democratic primary when it was clear that either Clinton or Obama was going to be the nominee: we were going to see peaks of wingnuttery this cycle that would make us alternately cringe, gape, and boggle. Oh, the optimism.

But they've learned some lessons since the last time they got their guano on. For one thing, you do not want this guy to be the main face of your party while you're doing it ...

Way better to transmit your not-too-subtle message about how citizenship is only for (virginal or married) straight, White, rural, conservative, Bible-believing* Christian through the mouth of some sexy Puritan. And listen to them go, laying down the law about who gets to be a real American:

Not that all your spokespeople can be expensively styled women. At some point, you run out. Then your motivating principles still have to pass the old White guy test. It goes a little something like this: if an unremarkable old White guy says in public what your core following believes in private, does it make him sound like your favorite uncle or like some dubious, overcoated stranger pitching the candy in his pockets?

Eventually, people like this pick up on your message. A message that, as voting patterns can attest, has already gotten through loud and clear to everyone offended by the demonization of US citizens who are non-White and non-Christian:

But having partially plumbed their lunacy, a question remains: When your voting majority and much of your leadership consists of those xenophobic White people who believe the government shouldn't meddle in personal matters like mass transit, civil liberties, municipal water supplies, universal childhood education and bridge repair, can your party be called a coalition anymore?

They invited the crazy in themselves, they drove away anyone who thought "f___ you, and the horse you rode in on" was a bad political platform, they're going to have to make it stop. The hard part is wanting to, and I hope they manage it. Because they're as American as anyone else, and they're making the rest of us look bad.

Until then, they really need a longtimeout.

* Seriously, wtf does "Bible-believing" mean in the context of talking about people who identify as Christian? Is there some sect of Christianity I haven't heard of that rejects the Bible as a fraud? If someone insisted on calling themselves a Koran-believing Muslim, or a Veda-believing Hindu, I think you'd look at them kind of funny. And they'd deserve it.

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NC-08: Time To Send Robin Hayes Home To "Real America"

Goal Thermometer

On October 18th, just a day after Michele Bachmann questioned the pro-American sentiments of Barack Obama and, essentially, all Democrats in Congress, Rep. Robin Hayes let another doozy slip at a McCain rally in North Carolina. As The New York Observer reported:

[Representative Patrick McHenry] yielded the microphone to Representative Robin Hayes, who prefaced his comments by saying it was important to "make sure we don't say something stupid, make sure we don't say something we don't mean." Republicans, he reminded the crowd, were kind people. Plus, he added, the liberal media had shown itself eager to distort such remarks. With the crowd duly chastened and put on best behavior, he accused Obama of "inciting class warfare" and said that "liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God."

Yesterday, Politico's The Crypt reported that Hayes denied having said it at all:

Hayes spokeswoman, Amanda Little, says that Hayes absolutely denies making the comments that appear in the Observer article. She noted that other national reporters were at the event and didn't pick up on what the Observer reported.


This guy has got to go and we have just the challenger to do it. Larry Kissell, who came so close in 2006 to defeating Hayes, is running again and this time even stronger, but he's out of money and we need to get his ads back up on the air. So give to Larry Kissell's campaign at the "Real American" ActBlue page BlueNC has set up to help Kissell raise $7,000. As Betsy Muse puts it on the ActBlue page:

I believe Larry Kissell represents all that is right with America. Larry doesn’t divide America into real Americans and fake Americans. He believes in us all and wants to do what he can in Washington to make sure we reach our highest potential.

Hear! Hear! I'm in for $25 to send Robin Hayes back home to the real America he loves so much. Who's with me?

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DCCC's Red Alert: Larry Kissell Needs Our Help

The DCCC has launched its Red Alert program to solicit support online for races that have immediate fundraising needs. The first challenger to be featured in the program is Larry Kissell in NC-08.

Remember how close Kissell came two years ago to ousting Robin Hayes and remember how we'd wished the DCCC had realized earlier that this race was winnable and helped him out? Well, this year the DCCC isn't making that same mistake. So far, they have been on the air in the 8th, keeping pace with Hayes' media, who, as Washington's 5th richest member of Congress and as one of Big Oil's favorite sons, has a limitless supply of money. With a ridiculous number of competitive races this year, the DCCC is not so lucky, so they're asking for our help.

Here's DCCC chair Rep. Chris Van Hollen over at HuffPo today:

Who could forget two years ago when Larry Kissell, a mill worker and public school teacher, came within 330 votes of unseating the Big Oil-funded Republican Congressman Robin Hayes in North Carolina's 8th District?

Here we are two years later and Larry is even closer now. He recently won the DCCC's 2008 Mobilize for Change: A National Day of Action award. On that single day, his campaign recruited a record 1,700 grassroots volunteers.

Larry is real grassroots success story, which is why he needs your urgent help. Robin Hayes just reached deeper into Big Oil's pocket to try and hold off Larry's surging momentum.

Robin Hayes has already taken more than $176,000 in Big Oil contributions and owns up to $23 million in Big Oil stock. But we just learned that Robin pumped an additional $100,000 worth of Big Oil money into TV ads to attack Larry Kissell.

Larry Kissell doesn't have millions of dollars in Big Oil money. He has something even more valuable -- you.

One of the great things about contributing to Kissell at the Red Alert ActBlue page is just how far not a lot of money will go.

Your contribution will be matched by Democratic Members of Congress.

That means if 5 people give just $22, grassroots candidate Larry Kissell can put TV ads on the air to fight back against Robin Hayes' Big Oil-funded Karl Rove style attacks.

Right now, Kissell has an ad up in a limited cable buy, but you can help him expand the buy by giving at the Red Alert page. You can see the ad your donation will help keep on the air in his district below:

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Breaking Poll: Kissell and Obama lead in NC-08

The most recent poll is out for North Carolina's 8th Congressional District race and it shows Larry Kissell leading Robin Hayes in a pure unadulterated head-to-head match up.  The poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt, shows Kissell at 45% and Hayes at 43%.

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Larry Kissell holds his own in 3rd Q fundraising, Robin Hayes loses ground

First let me say right from the start that I would love to have seen Larry Kissell bring in $500,000 this quarter.  He brought in a little over $80,000 to put toward 2008 and he brought in almost $30,000 to pay off debt from last cycle's efforts.  Kissell raised over $110,000 and he did not lose ground, he did not go into debt, he's well ahead of where he was this quarter last cycle and his poll numbers are kicking ass.  

Third quarter 2005 Larry Kissell hadn't raised enough to report to the FEC.  If you add the money he's raised toward 2008 and the money raised on the old account for debt reduction, Larry Kissell has raised $309,018.27 which puts him about $309,018.27 ahead of where he was this time last cycle.  As a matter of fact, it wasn't until the October quarterly reported in 2006 that Larry had raised over $300,000 and it was still less than where he stands today.

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