A Crass Joke (Re: Lipstick)

Perhaps in all of this handwringing over the non-story about lipstick on a pig, have we forgotten why this is a story in the first place?

On MSNBC today I heard one Republican who was outraged about this story since it was ovious that Palin had "Branded" herself with the joke line from the convention.  Let's recap:

Sarah Palin:

"Do you know what the difference is between a bulldog and a hockey mom?"

... "lipstick"

Now, if anyone else had said this she would have been (rightfully) offended, but she brings this chauvanistic joke to the forefront whilst describing herself (and all other hockey moms).

Lets forget for a minute, the much maligned bulldogs (who from all accounts are very loving and not at all as mean as they are percieved to be) and focus on her statement.  

Hockey moms are bulldogs with lipstick.

If you aren't offended by this, perhaps trying to remember that when referring to a woman as a dog (of any type) is generally frowned upon and very much an insult.  There is another word for female dog, I am sure Palin wasn't thinking about when she made these bold pronouncements in front of the world during her acceptance speech.  However, her liking herself and all other hockey moms to that that derogatory term was allowed to pass as humor.

So here we are, less than a week later, and Palin (and the Republicans) wish to show their outrage about a phrase taken entirely out of context that had NOTHING to do with Palin.  They claim that the disgusting self imposed brand (lipstick) is a link to the phrase we should all be outraged about.

Personally I am more outraged by the frankly insulting "joke" Palin told during her acceptance speech than a phrase about the PORK that both McCain and Palin have and continue to support while saying they are against Porkbarrel spending.

What a wonderful double standard.

It is not Obama who should appologize, it is Palin who should appologize for insulting women.  Furthermore it is BOTH Palin and McCain who should appologize for their pork spending and abuse of power.

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Signs it's time to stop panicking 1

In the first sign that the hysterical panic that set in after the RNC is, in fact, hysterical, John McCain's surge in the Gallup Daily tracking poll has halted. John McCain now leads Barack Obama by 4% (49% to 44%)

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A grand old trillion dollar party, indeed...

John and Sarah, did you have a good time at this party last week?

F**k it, I'm blockquoting the entire piece!  If ever there was a DNC commercial ready-made for national delivery, here's the script! Art has nuthin' on real life...this makes my blood boil! How about you?

Fannie, Freddie host GOP convention party. (From Politico on July 17th.)

Axelrod,  get a freakin' clue!

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2% black

I heard the story on NPR that there are significant differences in the demographics of the two conventions.  One that stood out is that 36 delegates to the Republican convention are black, or less than 2%.  

Here's the story I found from a local Chicago ABC affiliate.  

The Republican National Committee is not releasing any official numbers about the demographics of its delegates, but some staff called from the Joint Economic Center for Information say there are about 1,900 delegates, and 36 of them are African American. That's about 1.5 percent. In 2004, at the Republican convention, seven percent were African American.
At the Democratic convention in Denver this year, 44 percent of the delegates were minorities, including all minorities, not just African Americans. And also a majority of those delegates were women.
At the RNC, the men outnumber the women 2-1 on the delegate floor. The average age for both parties' convention delegates is 54.

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Give me your White, scared and wealthy

Tonight the Republicans nominated their candidate for President.  We heard them all speak.  They pulled no punches, that is for sure.  Yet it isn't what they said that intrigued me, it's what they didn't say!


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