Missouri Clean Energy Initiative on Nov. Ballot

Sorry, to just cut and paste the press release, but we just found out five minutes ago that -- after initially not being certified -- the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative WILL be on the November ballot.

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The Successful Presidency of George W. Bush

Like millions of my fellow Democrats across this great nation of ours, I have always regarded George W. Bush as a complete imbecile. I felt he was the spoiled-rotten black sheep of an elitist, possibly neo-facist family, that used his daddy's money, and his name to over-achieve, and get in over his head. I never thought there would even be a prayer of him being elected in 2000, and again in 2004 because I felt his luck would eventually run out.

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An Ounce Of Prevention, No Longer an Option

Last week Dr. Benjamin Brewer, who writes "The Doctor's Office" column for the Wall Street Journal, put a face on a disturbing trend in U.S. health care. A lack of insurance and high health care costs are forcing many Americans to miss out on preventive care: people are skipping check-ups, discontinuing medication, even refusing annual screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies.

For example, a patient of Dr. Brewer's had quit smoking in order to afford gas for his 40-mile commute to work. Unfortunately, he still developed pneumonia. The patient refused to let an ER doctor admit him, in fear of the costs, and he decided not to fill an antibiotic prescription, because his insurance had a $50 drug co-pay, which he said he simply couldn't afford.

You probably know what happened next.

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Would you rather pay for: .04 seconds of war or 25 days of health coverage?

A couple weeks ago, over at the Progressive Future headquarters, a couple of us started wondering out loud how much of of our taxes went to fund the Iraq War. My colleague did a little research and found a formula for how to figure this out. After discovering that in 2007, I paid for $204 of war, my first thought was, “Dang. That money could have gone to pay a month of my health care premium.”

So then, as a fun little game (yes, we over at Progressive Future have an interesting take on what's fun), we decided to make an internet tool that would not only calculate someone's contribution to the war from their 2007 income, but would also tell that person how many days that money could have covered their health care, education, powered their home with renewable energy, or paid for a veteran to receive higher education.

Turns out, any of those last four options would be the more lucrative investment.


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To fight global warming, we also need to rethink transportation

It doesn't get much more visionary and ambitious than Al Gore's recent speech on energy and climate change, and this sentence in particular:

Today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years.

If you missed it, you can find the full text here or read a helpfully annotated version here.

My only quibble with this fantastic speech was that Gore said little about the transportation sector, which is the second largest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Changing our transportation policies and funding priorities could greatly help us address the climate change emergency. More on that after the jump.  

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