IBEW Introduces Working Green Web Site

The green economy will play a vital role in both reducing our carbon footprint and putting people to work.

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IBEW Green-Job Training Facilities Around the Country Open Doors to Public

With renewable energy looking to be the wave of the future, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is letting everyone know that its members are the best-trained green-work force around.

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IBEW Green Training Facilities Open Its Doors to Congress

During the Memorial Day break, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will invite congressional representatives to tour union job-training centers around the country to show them why they are the right choice when it comes to creating a renewable energy work force.

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High Road or Low Road in Renewable Energy Manufacturing?

Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in renewable energy manufacturing. Will these employment opportunities be "high-road," decent-paying union jobs, or will employers take the "low road"--tapping into the desperation of unemployed workers who have already seen too much pain?" The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is not giving up on bringing organized labor's opportunities to workers in the sector, despite a recent setback.

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Minnesota Electricians Harness Renewable Energy

Darryl Thayer, a member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 292 in Minneapolis, hardly received a visionary's welcome when he addressed the Minnesota legislature in 1968 about the need to develop solar energy and wean the state from fossil fuel-based sources. Worse yet, says Thayer, many of his fellow workers "thought I was nuts."

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