Keep in the Vote Strategy

Kevin Phillips offers one way to reach evangelical voters.

Professor Blackton and Amy Sullivan have ideas as to how the Democrats might reach more Southern evangelicals. Perhaps, but the liberal faction among the Southern Baptists has not proved very successful at overthrowing the conservative leadership. It might be interesting to consider what Machiavelli might advise. In the 1920s, the southern fundamentalists tended to drop out of politics after being mocked in the national debate over the Scopes trial in 1925r.  Conceivably the religious conservative vote for GOP Bush-backers in Dixie might be depressed even Bush starts to look more and more like an embarrassing bumbler. Parenthetically, when Bush was at the City Club in Cleveland on Monday, someone in the audience cited my book  and asked whether  Bush would comment on how he felt about  the relevance of the Apocalypse to the current-day Mideast. He spent five minutes evading the issue and the word. He has to. If he has to talk about these things, he'll lose a lot of people,  and if he ducks, true-believers may start to wonder.

I think part of the problem here is that in attempting to reach evangelicals we fail to assume the reality of the modern white evangelical movement.  Right-wing white evangelicals are weak people who want authoritarian rule.  They aren't all bad people, but they are weak and give in to their worst impulses.  Though many are personally kind, their proxies destroy, pillage, and annihilate in the name of theocracy.  Their leadership is thoroughly corrupted, wedded to Mammon, and they will not hold their leaders accountable for leading them astray.

They should stay out of politics, and focus on their own sins rather than those they see in others.  Now I assume I'm going to get standard bitching about this post, but please note I said 'right-wing' and 'white', and not 'religious people'.  

I am religious, but I'm not crazy and I don't want to hurt people in the name of my faith.  

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V for Vendetta

A leader who came to power under questionable circumstances. A government relying on fear, intimidation and lies to keep its citizens in line. A people misled by a media outlet serving as a mouthpiece for the administration. A society exchanging civil liberties for protection. A nation that persecutes gays and Muslims.

Oh yeah, and "V for Vendetta" was pretty good, too.

Joking aside, James McTeigue's wonderful interpretation of Alan Moore's graphic novel offers viewers a dark vision of the future. While set in a world several steps away from the present day, "V for Vendetta" poses a "What if?" that today's audiences must recognize, a warning that must be heeded.

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Bush Sells Out National Security to Religious Fundamentalist

As the American people learned in the UAE ports deal, George W. Bush is more interested in making his personal friends happy than he is in the security of the American people.  Similar to the ports deal, Bush has now decided to sacrifice national security to appease the religious fundamentalist that form the base of his party.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton strengthened our nation's security by making it clear that a person's sexual orientation could "not be used as a basis for or a disqualifying factor in determining a person's eligibility for a security clearance." Not only was this the right thing to do because our government should not discriminate against gays in the workplace, but it was good for our country's security as well.

The current guidelines state that the decision to grant access to a person should "take into account factors that cause a conflict of interest and place a person in the position of having to choose between his or her commitments to the United States . . . and any other compelling loyalty." If a person is forced to hide his or her sexual orientation in order to gain security clearance, a third party that discovers his or her sexual orientation could threaten to disclose that person's sexual orientation to coerce him or her into disclosing government secrets.  By completely eliminating sexual orientation as a basis to deny security clearance, Bill Clinton eliminated the security risks associated with a person attempting to hide his or her sexual orientation.

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Lives vs. breasts

We learned Wednesday that the Federal Communications Commission has proposed a $3.6 million fine against numerous CBS stations and affiliates concerning a 2004 episode of "Without a Trace" that included "teenage boys and girls participating in a sexual orgy." The FCC also upheld its historic $550,000 fine against CBS for the Janet Jackson incident during the Super Bowl two years ago.

Meanwhile, the Sago mine - where 12 people died in January - was cited 208 times in 2005. The largest single fine, by comparison, was a mere $440. Not only that, but it was also reported that federal inspectors had repeatedly determined that the violations at Sago affected only one person, doing so to avoid the larger fines that come when more miners are involved.

Under the Bush administration, the winner of the battle between lives and breasts has been breasts. Every time.

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Charles Taylor (R-NC11) Advisor Leads Hate Rally

{cross-posted from Scrutiny Hooligans}

BlogAsheville: "Did anyone else notice the HUGE two-page spread ad in the middle of today's Asheville Citizen-Times Home & Garden section? Was anyone else horrified and offended?

If you haven't seen it, let me tell you about it. The header on the left-hand side reads "What the Bible Says About SODOMY." Followed by, you guessed it, lots o bible verses, several taken out of context, as far as I can tell. Then there's a box at the bottom of the page that reads: "According to the Word of God, the gay lifestyle and their claim to be Christian does not agree with one another."
"Page two announces a rally to be held in Pack Square on Saturday at 11:00 "in SUPPORT of CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE BUSINESSES and their RIGHT TO OPERATE according to FAMILY VALUES SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE (between one man and one woman) WHOLESOME WORK ENVIRONMENT (without oppression from the Sodomites & The Liberal Media)."

All punctuation errors and screaming caps are theirs, not mine."

See the Connection Between the Hate Rally Organizers and Congressman Taylor After the Jump

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