Office to combat Homosexuality & Abortion

Although it sure does sounds like some brand new cabinet level department that the Bush Administration is trying to create it was in reality an office that was created by the NAZI's back in the 1930's. The so called Social Conservatives which make up a very large part of the Republican Party Base are just as obsessed with Abortion and Homosexuality as the NAZI's were. I personally find the parallels quite eerie. The NAZI's also claimed to be a pro-life party and they used family values imagery as well as rhetoric to garner support. If a woman had an abortion in NAZI Germany should could be sentenced to death. The Religious Rights agenda is similar to that of the NAZI's when it comes to Abortion and Gays.


NAZI Heinrich Himmler and NEO-CON Karl Heinz Roverer *A/K/A Karl Rove
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Bush Claims God Told Him to Invade Iraq

President Bush obviously needs to be impeached and even if God told him to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan he was obviously working against us because we are losing in both places. We must oust these irrational NEO-CON morons before they get us all killed in a mindless religious war. We don't deserve this type of government it's time for us to demand change. There is over 150 graduates of Pat Robertsons Regent University now working for the Bush Administration we must demand the separation of church and state because the constitution demands it.

 title= He obviously isn't listening to Jesus.

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Mississippi's forgotten "Genarlow Wilson" [Audio Clip from Air America Radio Included]

Listen to an Audio About Cory Maye On Air America Radio

His name is Cory Maye and he too is a young African-American male whose life has been unfairly stolen from him. As impossible as it may seem his case may be even more unjust than Genarlow's simply because Cory was sentenced to death for an act of self defense. Besides racism Cory's sad tale involves the failed war on drugs, a no knock warrant, a poor legal defense team , an openly hostile very prejudice local news , paramilitary SWAT team ,an "anonymous" informant , an overzealous prosecutor , discrepancies in police and court records, as well as a host of other injustices.

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Fred Thompson was Pro-Choice during 1994 Senate Race

Yes this is a documented fact although it will be censored by RedState and others of their ilk. But they can't hide the truth forever. I can't wait until the Religious Right-Social Conservative Cabal realizes that it has to suck up to another Flip-Flopper (although not nearly as bad a Flip-Flopper as Romney) especially when it comes to abortion the one issue that turns them into frothing at the mouth rabid hysterical zealots. Fred Thompson also supported the McCain-Feingold bill which the Social Conservatives hate.  He also supported John McCain over Bush in 2000 although that shouldn't be held against anybody.

The Republican party is disintegrating right in front of our eyes especially the Religious Right-Social Conservative wing of the party. They are so desperate that the majority of them are supporting an openly pro-choice candidate (Rudy Giuliani). Social Conservatives believe that Fred Thompson will be their savior from having to support a Mormon (Romney) , a Maverick (McCain) , an openly pro-choice and pro gay rights candidate (Giuliani) or any of the other 7 candidates who don't have a chance to win.

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Newt's Religious Right Bedfellows

The more things change ...

GOP Shadow candidate Newt Gingrich has gotten into bed -- once again -- with the hatemongers in the Republican religious right.  Both Jerry Falwell and James Dobson (two disgraceful public figures) have made a point to heap praise on the disgraced former speaker.

Jerry Falwell has a piece up on his Moral Majority website, entitled "Why I Asked Newt Gingrich to Speak at Liberty's Graduation" in which he writes about Newt: "I have been very impressed with the spiritual maturity of this man and am convinced that he has been honest and forthright in clarifying his past failings and his quest, as a Christian, for God's forgiveness."

And, the equally disgusting James Dobson heaped lovers praise on Gingrich (while disparaging the potential candidacy of Fred Thompson, who apparently hasn't kissed Dobson's ego -- err, ring -- enough as of late).  Writes U.S. News:

"While making it clear he was not endorsing any Republican presidential candidate, Dobson, who is considered the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the country, also said that Gingrich was the "brightest guy out there" and "the most articulate politician on the scene today."

Are there any more transparent (or for that matter sinister) people in American politics today than Dobson, Falwell, Robertson and the rest of the hatemonger gang?  Dobson, Falwell et. al. continue to stop at nothing in their thirst for power and relevency.  We should all pay close attention to which candidates sell out to these fools.



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