Pentagon Nearly Sent Game Promoting Murder of Non-Christians to US Troops

Apparently, the Pentagon was close last week to sending "care packages" to American troops that contained a copy of the video game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" which rewards players for murdering non-Christians.

Other than the LA Times' editorial yesterday this seems to have received very little MSM coverage.  Where is the outrage?

What if the Military Religious Freedom Foundation had not uncovered this?  Could there be a worse way to harm America's image abroad than having the Pentagon send video games to American soldiers in Iraq promoting the slaughter of non-Christians?  

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Robertson on the South Korean Hostages

From Schmitz Blitz:

The South Korean hostage story was also the top news story on tonight's 700 Club. Key point to in story according to the viewpoint of CBN: the hostages are evangelical missionaries.

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REDSTATE = Hypocrites in Denial

REDSTATE should now renamed FREDSTATE because in the midst of their blasting Senators Lugar and Domenici as traitors for their recent defection to the side of common sense over the long lost war in Iraq they have no less than 5 new diaries crying in denial over a new LA TIMES article bringing to light even more Pro-Choice skeletons out of Fred Thompson's closet.

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No Amnesty "Keep America for the Americans"

 title=LA Freeway Billboard

No Amnesty "Keep America for the Americans" thats the current rallying cry for the Xenophobic Nativists. This nasty venom being spewed from the Racist Right has been a recurring theme that has reared it's ugly head periodically throughout our nations history.


The restless Nativists that make up the majority of the  GOP base are currently celebrating what they deem to be a great come from behind grass roots victory over big business and the political establishment. They better enjoy themselves while they can because they have no political future.

1950s sign in a Texas restaurant


Yesterday the GOP signed it's own death warrant by rejecting the Immigration Bill. President Bush is a fucking war mongering Neo-Con idiot that should be impeached and also tried as a war criminal as well as stand trial for treason however he isn't a racist when it comes to Hispanics. The religious right make up the majority of the Nativists and as much as I despise the dreaded NEO-CONS they were wise enough to realize that if this bill was rejected that their party was done for. Don't get me wrong I'm glad that the GOP is a dead duck however it sickens me to see such wide open racism still infecting this nation. Knowing the history of the USA when it comes to Xenophobia I should have expected the outcome of the Immigration Bill. Hopefully with a Democrat in the White House we can get a better Immigration Bill passed anyway.

 title=GOP's Future

The above image represents the GOP going over Niagara Falls on a Jet Ski. This is a real picture in fact the daredevil who pulled this reckless stunt died when his parachute failed to open.

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Apocalypse Now : 12th Iman Sect vs Religious Right

We all know that the Religious Right are a bunch of fuckin nuts but so are some of their Islamic counterparts in Iran. When 2 fanatical religions collide the only outcome will be certain death especially when both groups are eagerly awaiting the end times. It would be a bloodbath for both sides if the NEO-CONS attack Iran we must do everything possible to prevent this insane act from occuring.


The 12th-Imam sect of Shia Islam is also known as the Twelvers.
The current President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a member of this Shite sect.


Painting of the 12 Imans. The hidden or lost Imam which is also the last Imam is at the far left of the above picture.

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