John McCain =Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Religious Right

If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

This choice means that he has become ' their boy' without hesitation.

If this were about choosing a Republican WOMAN, there were plenty other choices of GOP women.

But, this wasn't about that.

This was about selling out to the Religious Right, because Palin is THEIR GIRL.

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Christian teacher burns Cross into students arms

I do not blame all Christians for his actions, but this man is insane. 06/20/freshwater_upd2.html

The investigators found that Freshwater: Used a high-frequency generator to make the shape of a cross into the arm of eighth-grade students; consistently failed to adhere to established curriculum under the American Content Standards for eighth-grade science and taught religious beliefs in his classroom; exceeded the statutorily imposed limitations of a monitor for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; and was insubordinate in his deliberate failure to remove all religious articles from his classroom.

Freshwater continues to maintain that the allegations against him are false. His attorney Kelly Hamilton said the charges of improper use of the electrostatic device are from one particular student and asserted that students were never in danger of harm from Freshwater.

Freshwater said the marks inflicted on the students' arms were not religious symbols. "They weren't crosses," he said, "They were Xs."

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Ex-Evangelical to Republicans: Go negative and you're toast

Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis Schaeffer, one of the founding fathers of the Religious Right movement, has switched over to Obama after supporting McCain's 2000 candidacy and offers some grim advice for his former colleagues:

If the Republicans -- not to mention their bedrock supporters, such as evangelical Christians, neoconservatives and others -- do not grasp the Obama moment, and then rise to the occasion, when it comes to understanding the significance of having the first black American to become an authentic presidential aspirant, they will have doomed themselves to political obscurity and moral opprobrium forever.

In a time where we are seeing more and more evidence that the only hope John McCain has is in destroying Obama, this man, one of our former enemies, has an intriguing message.  Let's see what else he has to say:

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Religious Right Still Potent in GOP Circles, Buffoonish Elsewhere

With the rise of Mike Huckabee to the top of polls in the race for the Republican nomination for president, the pile of candidates rejected by the religious right is a roster of formerly regarded GOP front-runners or political saviors: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

[John McCain's recently acquired Joe-mentum is a joke, and McCain, of the top four Republican candidates, remains the least acceptable to the religious right, as he deviates slightly from being mean-spirited and dogmatic.]

So, will Huckabee sustain his frontrunner status, propped up by the religious right?

Let's hope so, because the religious right has worn out its welcome among the center of American politics.

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Romney's Secret Weapon Against Huckabee

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